Jetbeam Jet-UV Review


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Aug 17, 2014
Jetbeam Jet-UV Review

Hey folks today we will be reviewing the Jetbeam Jet-UV this should be a short and quick review seeing as its a specific purpose flashlight. Well it has many uses but they are kind of all the same I guess. I am going to load this review full of pics so you can decide for your self. I always do that any ways but yea!

As per usual the Jet-UV was sent to me by Gearbest for review they have it for a good price of 12 USD if you use the attached coupon. You can not go wrong at that price!
Coupon: JETUV Price: $11.99

So the Jet-UV is a UV flashlight its basically the same size as the Jetbeam Jet-u. No doubt they used the same shell but changed the color to blue or red its your choice. I like the color the Jet-UV comes in! You can actually swap the pill from the Jet-UV and Jet-u around that makes for a cool flashlight. The beam pattern isnt the best once inside the Jet-u it works better with the reflector system then using optics. This is probably the main difference between the Jet-UV and the Jet-u well besides the Jet-UV is a UV LED flashlight derrr.

So unlike the Jetbeam Jet-u that uses a Cree XPG2 the Jetbeam Jet-UV uses a 3535 365nm UV LED. Jetbeam make no mention of the LED branding that is used in the Jet-UV for a while they said it was a Cree but as far as we know Cree does not make UV LED's. So the LED is from an unknown company or a generic LED. We do know its a 3535 foot print so basically its 3.5mm by 3.5mm in size. It appears to be a much smaller LED then a standard 3535. I just measured the LED its defiantly a 3535 sized LED but the dome is so tiny. Its hard for me to test the 365nm wavelength so I can only test the LED on things like bank notes and dirt. The actual out put of visible light isn't that much being a UV LED but when you shine it on surfaces it does a good job and you can see the Jet-UV illuminating object at 5 meters away very clear. Funnily enough Jetbeam did put this 3535 UV LED on a Cree branded MCPB its the same MCPB found in the Jet-u. I am not sure why they done this? Maybe they had heaps of these boards left over who knows. I don't think they done it to trick people but if you didn't know LEDs it could be a bit misleading.

From what I can see the Jet-UV uses the same boost driver as the one found in the Jet-u its just modded so you now only have 1 mode instead of 3. I think most UV flashlight are single modes either way. Doesn't really make sense being able to select a bunch of different modes in a UV flashlight. Actually I kind of retract this statement the Jet-UV is a tad to bright to use on money when you are close so maybe a mode selection would have been good lol. If your an expert at looking at bank notes under UV lights I am sure you do not have the same issue as me. The Jet-UV uses the same twist activation as the Jet-U so this is awesome if you need to EDC a UV flashlight. It shouldn't turn on in your pockets! The size of the Jet-UV is perfect for a key ring EDC.
What are most people going to use a flashlight like the Jet-UV for? I would say mainly hunting purposes for following blood trails. Or maybe a mechainic shop can see a lot of use in this UV flashlight or obviously a bank. Hunting is a great use for the Jet-UV seeing as it is so light and tiny and only uses a single AAA battery for power. Using AAA batteries for a UV LED flashlight like the Jet-UV makes sense seeing as you do not need to output that much light.
The Jetbeam Jet-UV can be used with all standard AAA batteries except for 10440 usually I would try but I know how sensitive the UV LED's can be. UV LED's do not have to be run at high power to get good output.

The Jet-UV will run on.

  • Ni-MH- 1.2v

  • Alkaline battery- 1.5v

  • None-rechargeable lithium's- 1.5v
Seeing as the Jet-UV will be used outside a lot in the field. Jetbeam has given the Jet-UV an IPX rating of 8 so it should be able to handle most wet conditions. The Jet-UV also get a drop resistance rating of 1 meter which is good for EDC use. Most flashlights with a boost driver don't come with huge drop resistant ratings.
Size wise the Jet-UV is probably one of the smallest UV LED flashlight on the market. The Jet-UV comes in at 70.4mm (7.04cm) in length and its head diameter is 14.8mm (1.48cm) in width and the body diameter is 14.2mm (1.42cm) in diameter and the Jet-UV weight a tiny 13.2 grams. So it is comparable to the Jetbeam Jet-u that has pretty much the same specs in the size department. The Jet- UV is using a SMO reflector instead of the optics that are found in the Jet-u after swapping the pills around I can see why Jetbeam went this route. It makes more sense to use a proper reflector system. The Jetbeam Jet-UV uses a standard glass lens because if you used AR coated glass you would lose output. So this is the one case where none AR coated glass is better.
The build quality is awesome it is second to none! Jetbeam done a really good and i love the colors and the overall finish is great. The threads are prefect and match so good you do not even need any lube (That is what she said). The hard anodizing type 3 is thick i have had the Jet-UV for a months and it still looks perfect.

Jetbeams listed uses for the Jet-UV

  • Underwear

  • Skin care

  • Baby care

  • Toiletries

  • Counterfeit notes
This list sounds like a good weekend for some people if you connect the dots if you know what I mean lol.

The real question is does it work? Yes it works and it works very good. If you are a UV LED expert you will have different expectations to me I guess. I have no other UV LED's to compared the Jetbeam Jet-UV against so we will do our own testing and see what we can find out. The beam pattern is floody but it does have a very bright hot spot so I was having to angle the Jet-UV on the side so the money didn't look way to washed out. Visible light if I shine it on the table the Jet-UV isn't very bright to the naked eye I think that is better for a UV flashlight it shows that the LED is actually 365nm.
Times like this it would be great to have UV paint laying around but instead I will place paper on the floor at certain distances and then we can see how well the Jet-UV works.

What is included in the pack?

  • Jetbeam Jet-UV

  • Stainless steel clip

  • Lanyard

  • Instructions

  • Spare O-ring

  • Warranty Card

  • Cert of Approval

Overall its small and tiny and light weight and it does a very good. It its very well built and feel sturdy the jet-UV is very well finished nothing is out of place and the paint job looks awesome. So i really can not complain. Even if i do not need a UV flashlight buy it and use the pill from the Jet-u inside this shell it works so good i will add pics after dinner.
These are all at different angles i went full photography today!

Paper 2 meters away

Paper 4 meters away

Paper 5 meters away

Inside the shed about 4 meters away

Work light and Jetbeam Jet-UV on at the same time

This is probably pointless but this is the Jet-u pill inside the Jet-UV the beam is awesome the pattern is really good with the reflector i am using a Soshine 10440.

With the SMO reflector it reaches 100m

Thanks for reading!
Regards Chris
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Oct 23, 2006
Thanks for the review! I purchased one as well. I looked at my bathroom and carpet in the dark and its very interesting what you can see. Works good for counterfeit bill detecting too. If your a germaphobe, do no purchase this light.


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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
Thanks for the review. Nice UV light for the price!

If your a germaphobe, do no purchase this light.

I think UV light is perfect for a germaphobe. UV-C light at 254nm is the most efficient germicidal light, kills germs instantly, and though this light is advertised 365nm (UV-A), all UV light kills germs to some degree. This light may be a great germacidal tool, depending on how narrow the wavelength output is. Chances are, it emits some UV-C and UV-B light, as it also emits some visible light above the UV-A range. Even a little bit of UV-C will kill the germs. One way to know is to try leaving the light on in one place for a while, and see if you can smell ozone. If you do, you know it is emitting some UV-C, possibly as low as 100-200nm. Or find some mildew, and give it a shine, and see if it kills the mildew. Does the bathroom or refridgerator have a oder? If so, try shining the light there for 10 minutes, and see if the oder is still there the next day. But don't hang out in UV light... protect your eyes and skin.
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