Jetbeam PC 10 or something else?


Newly Enlightened
Dec 14, 2012

I want to buy an EDC light for my brother, and I consider buying the same as I already have : the wonderfull JetBeam PC 10.

I am just wondering if there is another very small (1 CR123 OR RCR123) & bright (> 500 lumens) & clicky light ? I want it clicky because I find it much easier to operate quickly from 1 hand only.

I've heard about the Eagletac D25C XM-L U2, but I am not sure if the latest models are safe when running a RCR123 and if it is now possible to access the lower modes with RCR123 (it is possible with my PC10)

(for example says that the D25C is 397 Max LED lumen, so I'm afraid it's not safe to use it with RCR123)

Thanks for your time


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