JM07 PRO and the C88 Cyclone

texas cop

Nov 9, 2011
I recieved in the past week two new flashlights I ordered from First was the JM07 PRO 3 mode, led is listed as the Cree XM-L T6 1A. Today the Cyclone C88 3 mode with the Cree XM-l U2 1B showed up.
With fresh MNKE IMR 26650 batteries both at 4.18V I'm getting the following.
JM07 PRO Cyclone C88
High 2.46 amp 2.81 amp
Medium 0.78 amp 0.82 amp
Low 0.12 amp 0.14 amp

The JM07 has an op reflector with nice spill and some good throw. Turned on high and left up right for 20 minutes it got warm but never hot, heat staying in the head and fins.
The Cyclone has a smooth reflector with nice spill but a very bright little smaller hot spot. When turned on high upright for 20 minutes the entire light from bezel to near the tail cap got warm and a little more than the JM07 but never hot.
I like both lights with the JM07 being slightly smaller in girth and refector for better pocket carry, the Cyclone a little fatter to also take a 3 aa battery insert. On light quality the Cyclone was a cooler white than the JM07.
Sorry no pictures.


Newly Enlightened
Oct 19, 2010
I like both those lights. I have the JM07 and it has quickly become my favorite night cycling light. Beam is a great mix of flood and throw, long run time with 26650 battery is a plus, and the relatively small form factor works well on the handlebars.

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