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Jun 26, 2008
Hey all,

I'm looking to buy an Olight T25-T. At the moment I'm prefering it over the regular one, because I dont have a need for the 5 different light levels, and prefer it at the moment over the L2D because of its lower low, better throw with slightly smaller spill (not too much of a trade off) and with similar runtimes.

Although saying that though, since I'm still not exactly a fan of the UI on the T25-T because of the need to switch between the 5 modes (also the same reason why im not too fussed about the UI difference between the regular and tactical, ya still have to cycle through 5 modes), and cant select which one you want prior to turning it on, and needing to cycle through them all once it is on.

So thinking about how it could be improved and looking at the design of the light, I thought about a way I think would be a big improvement over the way it is now (I apologize if its already been thought of).

Where the nut is that screws over the clip (at the bright end), should be a semi-fixed part that rotates on a steped atenuater (or something more suitable to a light, but along the lines of that).

This way, I was thinking you could easily select what mode you want, regardless if its turned on or off, and would still be a 1 handed thing to operate. Could also have the same features for the clicky also.
To me this would be a big improvement, and a far simpler and superior UI.
As for the clip, put it on the other end, I would prefer a bezel down type way anyway.

Although I do realize a downside to it would be something else to go wrong, but looking around at other complicated UI's, it wouldn't be that bad, and sealing it from the elements shouldnt be too hard either.
I guess it could also be a weak point physically, depending on how it would be implemented.

Well, thats the end of that brain fart.

Cheers. (sorry for the ramble, or if its already been done, or if its in the wrong place)

EDIT: I think I remember reading something a while ago about the T15 battery tube being the same threads as on the T15 head, battery tube and tail. Is this correct?, and also could it be possible to have a 3AA T25 then? using the eneloop batts, that should be under the 4.2V limit (if I remembery right).
EDIT: thinking about it, I think it was the other way around, that the tube fitted onto the T15, making that a 2xAA light.
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Sep 30, 2007
I'm surprised no one makes a 2AA parallel case. If you put a pair of 14500's in parallel, it would be around 1400 mAh and 3.6 volts.


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Nov 11, 2008
You might like the EagleTac lights or the Fenix L1/2T lights...


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Aug 29, 2008
You can't select the mode immediately before turning on, but it remembers the last setting you used which is handy if you use the same mode frequently. For me personally, I'd rather have less to go wrong, and have to cycle through modes once in a while. I really like the T-25. :cool: