Just an Observation, am i wrong?


Newly Enlightened
Mar 4, 2005
Vermont, US
Ok, i've only recently found the name for my disease, but as is common with me, as soon as i found the doorway, I swung it open with no regard to closing it again. I've been reading these forums, some review sites, and of course alot of manufacturers sites too.

It seems as though the Arc AAA is basically everybody's favorite keychain light, but it also looks as though there are some new models coming out (Coast David, the new one from Photon) that will be throwing out about double what the Arc was capable of, in about the same package size.

Now the Arc has been around for about.. 4 (?) years now, and king for all of that time... is this just going to be an awesome year for LEDS? Or are jumps of this size standard, and i just haven't been paying attention for long enough to realize it?