Just bought a Fenix PD31


Newly Enlightened
Jul 9, 2006
Just bought a PD31. Its in the mail. This is my first new flashlight in 3 years - I have a Fenix P3d but I guess thats old now. My current EDC is a P1D Premium Q5 - what a great light for its size. I hope the PD31 doesnt have rings in its beam pattern.

I also have a PD10 - TI which is even brighter than my P1D but it gets hot too quickly (the Titanium casing and extra power) But for its size it's the brightest I've seen so far.

I am hoping for an LED breakthrough - maybe even more power from a single CR123 light - I know I will like the PD31 but cant see ever having an EDC with two batteries or much greater than 3 inches in length.

Flashlight Dave

Jul 11, 2011
Nashville TN
I got mine some time before you I think. Mine is a little on the green side but not too bad. Mine has small shallow rings but not too bad. It is the best balance between throw and flood in my opinion. It seems to be one of the best edc lights I have.