Just got my KT2, first impressions


May 21, 2002
Vancouver Canada
Hello, as you may know from my thread a few weeks ago i purchased a KT2 turbohead for my M2. It arrived today and i did some very brief tests and would like to let you know my first impressions. The first thing i did was install the A19, its looks a little wierd being black on a HA light but it doesnt bother me. Then i slapped the KT2 on with the N2 LA. I work in a warehouse with no windows and i turned the lights off to conduct the test. The wall i was using for a target was about 300 feet away(rough guess) and my P61 on my stock M2 could barely light it up. After installing the turbohead i could light up about a 10ft(round) hotspot with not much light bleeding out at all, i was very impressed. Than i put in the MN16 LA and let it rip. The hotspot was about 3 times bigger than the N2 and there was alot of light bleeding off, and it was not round, was more oval. also it didnt seem to be any brighter than the N2, just more light flooding off. On my way home i tested the MN16 on a crane(about 20 stories up) and i was about 100 yards away from it and i could light it up no problem and it was pissing rain at the time. BTW the KT2 and A19 dont seem to affect the water proofness of the light at all. I also was shining it at a apartment building beside the crane but lights started going on so i turned it off and called it a day. All in all the turbohead was well worth the money. I think im going to stick with the N2 though, more run time and more round hotspot and it seems to throw just as far as the MN16.

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