Just Got My Zebralight H600w MKii. Am I understanding this right?


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Jan 5, 2005
So, based on my understanding:

I get 1000 lumens in max mode. I can then program the second mode to be either 600ish, 300ish, or 150ish. But I can only program the second mode.

Medium is 80 lumens max.

Am I getting this right?: I plan on using the 600 lumen, 300lumen, and 150 lumen modes the most. I'll hardly ever use the 1000 mode. To get to these three modes, am I going to have to do six double clicks between the modes? I.e. I can't really toggle between these three modes easily?

Put simply:

I can make my high 1020 and 620, or 1020 and 330, or 1020 and 150. Let's say I choose 620 as my second mode. Then I have a gigantic gap between my lowest high (620) and my highest medium (65 lumens). So, okay, let's make my second high 330. Then the gap between my lowest high and my highest med is still over 250 lumens. Even worse: the gap between my highest high and my other high is a whopping 690 lumens! This is not optimal. Tell me I'm not understanding this.
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Sep 30, 2011
Am I getting this right?: Tell me I'm not understanding this.

I think you're getting it right; you can only program L2, M2 and H2. The 1020, 65 and 3.5 lumen settings are fixed. It's not unlikely though, that you will perceive the 690 lumen gap between H1 and H2, if you program H2 to 330 lumens, less whopping in real life than what the numbers suggest on paper.

If you program your light to for instance


I think you will find the increments reasonable, much like on a light with six preset levels (think Moonlight/Low/Med1/Med2/High/Turbo)

As the saying goes: your mileage may vary, and as a big fan of Zebralight I'm probably a little biased. I hope I don't come off as trying to impose my view. That, if anything, would not be optimal
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