Just ordered Eiger QTC SS "lug"! 10440 battery?

Jedi Knife

Apr 2, 2006
I really want the output of the 10440 batteries, but this will be a pocket EDC for me, so I am wondering if using the 10440 battery would be OK? I've got decent experience with lights, batteries, etc. but I'm not going to be checking these things on an oscilloscope or other lab equipment. I figured I would defer to the knowledge, wisdom, and especially the hands-on experiences of you guys here for advice. Thanks for your time and any information you might have!


Oct 31, 2010
10440s work great in my brass qtc key model. The beam is the prettiest I have ever seen on any light. However, it isn't clear, yet, if the lug body is long enough to accept them.

Curt posted in another thread "The Stainless Steel Eiger Lugs are made for the shortest AAA battery that I could find, hopefully they will work with the longest also. If there is a
length problem with a long Alkaline AAA, a small hammer to the top button
of the battery will take care of that. One full turn of the head is 1/32 inch
or 0.0312 inches or 0.793 mm. Don't hit the top of the battery too hard!"

Let us know how they work