Just some that I have put together


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Nov 25, 2013
Hello all,

About 12 years ago I made some kit knives, had some changes in life and stopped making them, and then 2 years ago got back into assembling knives again.

I still only assemble knives. I buy a pre-shaped and sharpened blank and add a handle. That's about the limit of my time and skill at this time. With my next knife I'm going to try my hand at a custom leather sheath.. nothing but the best for my wife :D

Some of what I've worked on... Thompson Scandi grind with birch and moose antler handle, this was a wedding gift for a friend:

A Jantz pattern 40 in D2 steel with olive drab canvas micarta scales. held on with fat nickle silver pins and 2 ton epoxy. Dropped this sucker on the floor (on accident) with no sign of damage to the handle:

And my pride and joy. This was a gift for a friend in the Navy. Amboyna handle, nickle-silver guard and spacers. Vulcanized nylon for color, and a lapel/hat pin I found on ebay. Lots of time in this one. I worked with my friend to size the grip for his hand.... while were on opposite coasts of the US:

On deck are two pre-made damascus blades. One for my wife (stick tang with birds eye maple and turqoiuse) and a full tang blade for me with colored curly maple scales.



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Dec 16, 2007
Pretty stuff! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing your Dam knives. :)