Keenwin RC50 warning: USB connector falls off easily


Newly Enlightened
Nov 19, 2012

I bought the Keenwin RC50 because I thought it would be the perfect flashlight:

- Micro-USB charging port
- 18650 battery
- 680 lumen x 1.5h to 15 lumen x 60h

But... after some 4 charging cycles, the micro USB connector fell off. I checked and found that it is a surface-mount component (SMT) and therefore all mechanical stabilization comes from the solder joints. This is very bad, and any reasonable designer would at least have chosen a through-hole (THT) mounting type which provides far better stability.

I contacted the Ebay seller 2 weeks ago, but it seems like my flashlight will remain without USB...

As a replacement I consider the Nitecore MH series which also has a USB port.