Kitchen use- Paring Knife vs. Pocket Knife


Feb 23, 2008
South Central Pennsylvania
I use CHEAP paring knives in the kitchen. I'm sure you've seen them at Walmart - they have plastic handles, 2" stamped stainless blades that are sharpened on only one side. Because of that they only work for right handed folks. They're two in a package for about $1. Had I never tried one at a relative's house, I'd have dismissed them as junk, but now they are the knife I use most often for fruit and veggies. I can peel the skin off of the ripest tomato so thin that I can read the newspaper through them. They make thinner potato peels than a vegetable peeler can! The steel holds an edge well, but they should because I only use them for produce. When they do need a touch up, a few passes down the left side of my aluminum oxide sticks makes them wicked sharp again.

I pretty much use stamped blades for whatever I can hold in my hand because they're light and thin. When I cut on a board I use my Henckels Pro S knives. I've got Henckels paring and utility knives that came with the set, but they stay in the block.