KL2 - Am I the only one? (SW02)


Oct 30, 2001
Florida, USA
I received my KL2 last Friday and got to use it this weekend. What a great light. The color is much better than my KL1 and it's got a certain "cool" factor.

I compare the beam to the X5 because it's more flood like. A bit disappointed in the run-time at full strength but it does have very usable light for many hours after that.

Now just waiting for my KL3 which I'll attach to my M2 with SW02 Clickie.

The SW02 was new this weekend also. I already had experience with the Z48. Operation is identical but I will buy 02's from now on because I like the look better.


Newly Enlightened
Aug 25, 2002
I too have the kl2 and love it. I really like the M3 and this head will allow me to use the light a little more often. I also just ordered all available accessories for this light except for the turbo head. I am curious to see how the filters will work with the kl2. I am surprised there hasn't been more talk about the kl2 on here. All discussions seem to be about the kl1 (which I also have) and the kl3. I have to admit that I have now lost interest in the A2 and the arc ls. I think the A2 will be good for the one flashlight person and also for military and police operatives (or at least the concept; the a2 main bulb may not be bright enough for military and police work). For someone like me that already owns several surefires with led heads I can't get excited about the a2.

I also own the arc aaa which the surefires can't compete with. On the other hand, the arc ls is much more comparative with the klx series and the klx wins in my book due to availability, cost, and brightness.