Klarus Mi7 Review

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Dec 9, 2011
Hey Mate,

I wish I had the equipment to measure the claimed lumens on this torch. I wish that Klarus would disclose how they achieved 700 lumens and the run times. I recently bought a Jetbeam Jet 1 Mk which has an XP G2 led. The claimed lumens is 480 from a single 1.5v AA. I placed the Jet1 MK next to the Mi7, both using keeppower 14500 840mAh and both looked the same in terms of brightness. I asked my wife's opinion about it, she too said that they looked the same. I also read from other members in BFL(budget light forums) the lumen range for the Mi7 is around 580-600 on high.
The human eye is sadly very poor at guessing lumen output. Things to consider are the brightness and size of the hotspot, brightness and size of the spill beam. For example, a light with a spill beam half as big again of the same or even slightly less brightness, may well be making more lumens.

I've done some ceiling bounce tests with my Mi7, and it makes some surprisingly good numbers. I can't quantify it as lumens, but it is significantly brighter than many other lights I have, that visually I'd have thought were on par, but turned out not to be.


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Mar 31, 2015
I wonder how they do that, when it takes a single AA as well?

well, I wonder the same :)

maybe it has a special circuit, like the HDS, that can recognize the difference?
The original HDS lights deserve a special mention. They are design to detect li-ion cell chemistry if you load a fully charged cell into the light. Then they will drop down to a very low output setting if the cell voltage gets low. However, if left unattended they WILL overdischarge the cell anyway. I've also found that it is all too easy to accidentally reset the HDS (by opening the battery case with a partially discharge cell, or even with a simple zot of static electricty) in which case it "forgets" it has a li-ion cell inside. Then it will cheerfully suck the cell dry, causing irreversible damage to the cell.