klarus vs fenix led high power torch


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Mar 6, 2017
i am toying between a fenix pd35tactical or a klarus xt---12?
any thoughts on which is better,
looking for about 1600lumens with a reasonable run time of ~1hr on high setting.

any other better alternatives ?


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Jan 13, 2021
These are older items and both companies have newer versions. Unless there is something specific that they offer, I would at least check out the newer versions. I've had problems accessing the Klarus manufacturers site, so I rarely check them out because of sheer frustration everytime I go to that site.

Alternative suggestions might depend on what you want from your light, and how it will be used. I don't think the Fenix you listed has a charging port. Is that part of your selection criteria? I am not familiar with the beam profiles of the models you listed either. Are you looking for a momentary function? Do you need a crenelated bezel?

I have one Klarus (XT21X) and two Fenix flashlights (LD30 and a very old PD series). The Klarus has a similar tailcap mode button as the one you listed. IMO, the tailcap is too easy to accidentally actuate while carrying unless you use the Klarus holster, which (at least on mine) has a protective cup to protect the mode switch from activating unintentially.

I prefer the Klarus's ML and Turbo from-off abilities. However, I prefer Acebeam's design for that option (tactical line). Another benefit of the Klarus (at least on my XT21X) is that the tailcap switch goes up in modes, and the side switch goes down in modes, so I don't have to cycle through everything if I miss a mode. Added control of modes, but more complicated UI because of it. Additionally, the mode switches are always on "standby," so there might be a little more parasitic drain than the Fenix you listed... more of an issue if you only use the light in emergencies.

Conversely, the Fenix LD30 is one of my favorite non-work EDC's because of the form factor for an 18650 and mechanical forward-clicky tail switch... although I put DC-fix on the lens to spread out the hotspot and spill a little bit.