Kroll Switch - New and improved!


Mar 28, 2004
Kroll Tailcap Switch

Judco Manufacturing’s End Cap Switch, aka KROLL SWITCH, has been used by flashlight enthusiasts for years because it fits many popular lights.

Our J1052 End Cap switch series has an innovative feature, which allows the light to turn on momentarily without having to click it on and off again. It comes in handy when a quick look is all that’s needed.

Customer satisfaction is our goal and we are continually striving to improve our switch design. The KROLL SWITCH (J1052 End Cap Switch) now provides better contact between the metal cup and the battery spring. The change increased the spring pressure, which provided better conductivity and lower resistance.

Please contact Cindy and Wayne Yamaguchi, from Yamaguchi Consulting to find out more about pricing and availability. They can be reached at Sandwich Shoppe or [email protected]
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Feb 2, 2006
Just to reiterate, the SS is currently the ONLY online vendor to carry the currect-spec Kroll switch. There used be a few other vendors that carried the older-spec one, but it's no more.

The SS apparently also actively replenishes stock esp. when the available quantities fall below, say, 20.

I hope the SS will carry the Kroll switch in the long run.
Last month I got 22 and they're all used up. I look forward to nabbing another 22-25 in my next order.

I encourage whoever needs the Kroll switch badly to check out the SS first.