Kudos for Eternalight


Newly Enlightened
Jun 20, 2001
Green Bay, WI
I have an older model Eternalight that I purchased from Glow Bug more than a year ago for $70.00. It has a cheezy plastic stick-on label over the switches that started to crack after only a couple of months use.

I recently sent a note to Technology Associates asking if they had a better switch cover and any other updates to this light. Tom Hoops replied and said to send it in for the updates.

I am happy to report that I recieved the unit back in better than new condition. It now has a really nice rubber switch cover with an easier to read label. Also, this thing has spent quite a bit of time in my back pocket and the LED's were getting scratched and beat up. They are now nice and shiny and very new looking!

Thanks again to Tom Hoops and the folks at Technology Associates for standing behind a great product.

Robert Lefebvre