L-L Blank-Fire EcoLogiC Spares Carrier, "instructions included"


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Feb 28, 2001
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This is a self-supplied / constructed carrier for spares. Recipe as follows. [Kris ?]

First, have a fizzy soft drink. After you pour it, quietly contemplate the bottle it came in. If it's the International standard plastic bottle, then there is usually a flange on the neck, just below the screw off cap. Notice that if the cap were put upside down, it would probably fit precisely just under the flange.

So, if you cut off the top of the bottle, at just below the flange, and then glued the screw off cap from another similar bottle onto the base of the piece, you would have a small container, still with a screw off cap. Any plastic bottle with a flange below the screw off cap can be converted.

The small 0.5 litre bottles will make only a small container. The 5-litre mineral water bottles will make a container big enough to fit in three CR123's with a little space to rattle. (Although since posting this, I'm told that these 5L containers are not common in North America) Fill with foam, (one flat disc of foam in the base will take up the rattle and hold the cells in almost vertical order) or maybe tissue paper, and you have a $0.00 L-L Blank-Fire SC part number .007. I have constructed many of these, and they *work* ! They are waterproof and quite strong, (easily step-on proof) since the pressures inside a fizzy drinks bottle can be high, ~4-8 atm. Or more.

Additional features are that the bottle is usually transparent, so you have a window to see what's inside. Note that there are colour codings available, invaluable for tactical use. The

1. Bottle 2. Screw-off cap 3. Glued-on cap, and 4. Tamper proof band

can all be different colours, as the modular approach means all parts are interchangeable. 100's of possible combinations ! For instance, a blue top / red base / translucent green bottle / yellow tamper band / with streaks of glue all over it, means it contains – Oh shoot, forgot to pack it !
The larger bottles even come with a useful carry handle.

Points to watch out for.
Warning – this stuff can be very difficult to cut cleanly, so care and protection etc. (I have taken plenty cuts myself because of my efforts) If the plastic is very tough, plunging into hot water can soften it for a few seconds - although using boiling water may permanently distort the material.
I use a transparent epoxy – some plastics can be difficult to glue, so score the material first. Whatever, use a glue with gap filling properties. Some plastics do not take kindly to glueing, and in these cases, the glue will partly rely on a friction fit. This may still be strong enough to be "practical".
Test an actual combination out. Solvent welding might work, but it might also weaken the plastic.
(I have used Araldite rapid, Araldite precision, and Devcon crystal clear with good results.)
Any lettering can be removed by washing, or sanding if you want. Alternatively, with care, use solvents. Crazing and opaque areas resulting would indicate weakening.
Guarantee – this product is guaranteed only for the life of the product. Refer any claims to the manufacturer, ie. Yourself.
Cleaning - washing machine at medium setting, using non-biological powder.

I just like the idea of my glorious M3 (soon …
) with a spare battery set carried in a practical, and *cool / silly* case.

There is enough room to build an LED (a whole stack of diodes+batteries) project in, with easy changes / maintenance.

Coming next – the L-L Blank-FireTM 21st C version, Carbon-fibre and Pyrex, filled with a cold-setting modelling compound for a super strong high-tech rattle free exact fit)

Other sources I've used for various containers – model shops, and

- Kids toys and candies can come in colourful, surprisingly useful *things*
- Pharmacies have products in tubes, tubs, and jars, (just throw out the contents)
- Some personal care products have stylish containers
- Tupperware ?
- Stationers, for pens, large markers, etc - empty out and use the casing


(EDITS - This has been, and will be, extensively edited in the interests of Eco-clarity. Any feedback, please let me know. )

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