L1 bored to 18mm

flashlight nut

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Mar 14, 2010
New York
I just received my L1 back from Barry today. I had damaged the driver when I tried removing it from the body. I really liked the compact body, aggressive knurling and UI of the L1 so I sent it to Barry to have it bored out to 18mm. I can now run primaries and a variety of rechargeables through it along with many head options. I am now running a Malkoff M61 219 in a VME Head wth 2 primaries in a Delrin sleeve. I also added a 2 way clip and attached a combat ring (rubber oring) to the lanyard ring. This is now my new and favorite primary EDC. Thanks Barry. Awesome job.



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Apr 19, 2007
Benton Illinois
Thank you for your kind words Flashlight Nut. The L body & E body lights make a fantastic platform for custom builds.

PLEASE NOTE: Boring the L-series lights is from head to tail & the larger bore (.728"-.729") must stop just short of the tail O-ring groove (.730"). This often means choosing a short 18650, one measuring about 65mm & using a flat top cell ... button tops are 1mm longer and may not work in every light.

Also, early L-series lights (GEN1/GEN2/GEN3) may not be long enough to bore for 18650. Gen 4 & Gen 5 lights work 100% of the time.


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