Large Trucks and Engine Cooling



Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 26, 2004
Come on BIGIRON, whats wrong with not wanting to temp or test the structure integerity or lack their of in my cooling system? I think it only stands to reason with all the other problems, last I need is to blow a hose or water pump seal if its borderline over heating in the first place.

Now, if it is the fan clutch, why do I hear the fan when I rev? When I punch it half throttle I hear the fan rev and it sounds way louder than the motor does. Still the idea of a direct drive flex fan sounds great.

Still, I think your other idea is best. Just got to get some problems fixed to do it. Thinking I may get a grand or so for the van, pay down the credit card. Borrow the benz, further pay down credit card, then get the ecobox.