Laulima Ion Slim


Jul 25, 2005
I have been on CPF for 17ish years. I've spent thousands on lights, I don't want to know how much LOL. There has been many great lights pass thru my hands. See my sigline, those are all still near and dear to my heart. :love:

Enter the Laulima Ion Slim. For EDC, this light is about as perfect as it comes for my use. I have owned this light for 9 months, the honeymoon is over and I'm still in love. 💞

The slim runs a 14500 Li Ion cell. Has a stout clip that grips, the smooth body doesn't tear up your pockets. Programmable H17Fx driver, and is avail with high CRI emitters. And for such a slim light, the McClicky switch has a nice wide opening for easy activation.

I own 2 of these, one in Aluminum with a 4500K dome on 519a, and a Ti one with a 4500K Dedome 519a.

Josh Dawson is great to deal with as well, he seems to stand by his product.

slim.jpg slim2.JPG
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Apr 5, 2010
Honolulu, HI
PSM, I am nearly a year late to your thread. But you've clearly been on here forever.

And I very recently got an Ion Slim as well...mainly because the Okluma DC0 is neither available or programmable to have no memory (guess one could drop a Reylight module into it but that somewhat defeats the purpose...)

Anyway, the Ion Slim is indeed as excellent as one would have hoped. Side by side with a Haiku AA, you don't quite notice how much slimmer it is, but it makes a big difference in the pocket. The beam pattern isn't anything special by modern standards, but is still has a punchy spot and usable spill with a 219b. H17Fx means it can be programmed to do virtually anything you want it to do short of a triple-tap...and this driver remains my all-time favorite even if certain decks on Guppy3Drv can get me 90% of the way with 1% of the programming time. I have it in Titanium, so there are limits with heat dissipation, but this Ion Slim might still be the finest 14500 light currently on the market.