LD20 question?


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Jan 11, 2009
First I'd like to say Hi and thanks to everyone who posts on the forum. Have been reading in the background for a few weeks now and have been helped out a lot with a few different things.

I've just bought a little Fenix LD10 flashlight, which is great for carrying around in my pocket day to day. For camping I would maybe like the slight extra batterylife that comes from using 2xAA rather than one. I've read that the tailcap and head of the LD10 and LD20 are identical.

Where can you buy the 'body' of the LD20 (if you can).

When I need a bit more light or If I'm wanting to see things in the distance I have a Led Lenser P7, which for my purposes does the job nicely. However does anyone think that there is something in particular missing that these two torches wont have covered? And would you reccomend another torch to cover the gap that's between the two I already have.

Thanks in ancitipation guys!!


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Oct 31, 2006
Cleve. OH
I don't think anybody has the LD20 bodies yet. The L2D body will fit and the LD10 tailcap should fit it. You can get the body only at lighthound dot com, or body and cap at eliteled dot com.