Leatherman Kick Questions/help needed.


Newly Enlightened
Jul 1, 2002
I just received my Leatherman Kick and I have an issue with it. It seems the spacers are not in the correct spots, and I need help to compare to others. The spacers in question are in the knife side of the handle. Looking down at the knife side so the knife is on the left, the order is Knife, large flat, small flat, 2 spacers, lanyard attachment. It seems like it should be knife, spacer, large flat, spacer, small falt, lanyard attachment. A long time ago, I ordered a replacement sidekick and the spacers were incorrect and leatherman offered to take car of this for me, but I had security torx and took care of it myself. I don't know how to get this apart if necessary. If necessary, can someone please help on getting this apart so I don't have to send it in. I tried gripping the connectors with 2 leatherman's and had no luck rotating them in opposite directions. Otherwise, this seems more stable than my old Sidekick.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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