Leaving Eneloops in unused devices?



A possibly newbie-ish question, but something I've been wondering about lately.

From the days of leaky alkalines and crappy NiCd cells I still have this ingrained habit of taking the batteries out of any device I'm not going to use in the near future. Is this behavior still necessary/advantageous with modern NiMH cells in general, and Eneloops in particular?

The only reports of Eneloops leaking in a device (rather than during charging) that I've found could all be traced back to humidity, submersion, shock or other external causes rather than the cells themselves.

I assume that the biggest issue is that many modern devices don't actually open the circuit when turned off but rather go into a kind of standby mode that still draws a small amount of power, so the risk of accidentally discharging the cells too much would be the main concern, rather than the potential of leakage?