LED lights in England


Newly Enlightened
Oct 21, 2001
Flintshire, UK
Whilst doing some Christams shopping in Chester I noticed that more and more shops are now selling LED flashlights. If any of you notherners are in the area you might be interested.

In the Discovery Store there are Photon Is for £10 (first time I've seen one in the flesh - they certainly are diddy). I saw blue and white but they claimed to have four colours available. The same shop also sold 1mW laser pointers for £20.

The camping shops (Millets et al) have the Tikka and some odd no name LED lights(probably from China). Millets also have some examples of our very own home grown LED lights from those wonderful chaps at Ring in Leeds - a Photon I clone (a fiver I seem to remember) in black and obligatory iMac colours. White LED. They also do a Tikka style headlight with 3 LEDs and what looks like a Mini Maglite bulb for when longer reach is required.

The Mini Maglites and Solitares are everywhere of course. They come in all colours and with various extra gadgets such as the mini SAK or space pen...

No Arcs of course. Any UK distributor is going to have their work cut out competing with the Maglites. Good luck to them. It's about time to unleash them on the general public!