Left Android; Joined IOS


Aug 9, 2015
Dust in the Wind
Got all the iPhone pix onto my shiney new windows machine. Doing 1 DCIM file at a time worked. At times a portion of a folder would move but not the entire contents. At that point I'd open said folder and do control A to highlight all contents, right click, pick copy, and paste to the opened folder on the laptop. Sometimes that had to happen more than once per folder.

Sometimes a particular photo would refuse to copy and cause a disconnect of the iPhone to the Windows machine. I'd find that photo on the iPhone and if it was a cool photo I'd move it to another folder inside the iPhone. If it was just an unimportant photo I'd delete it from the phone and reconnect to the laptop, then resume copy/paste without a hitch.

All told, it took about 2-1/2 hours. Ironically the other evening when trying to copy/paste all photos at once the other machine showed 2 hours 45 minutes.

It's just something in apple talking to windows that just gets clouded at times. It was the same photos it refused to move today as the other day on a different computer. I tried 4 different cords, USB A 3.2 and USB C with the same results.
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