Lentek FlashBeams


Feb 4, 2001
Long Island, NY
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or owned these keychain lights. They are LED and I saw them at a local price club in a package of 5 or 6...I can't rememeber the price but it couldn't have been any more than $40 USD...maybe even around $25.

If anyone has tried them, how do they compare to photons? I tried them out through the package...they were all blue and seemed pretty bright, but I couldnt compare them to my blue photon b/c I couldn't get a good direct view due to the package they were in. They seem pretty nice...I might pick up a package of them next time if the price is right


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 24, 2001
New Mexico, USA
I've seen them in Fry's Electronics in Phoenix- they are (I think) $7.95 each there. I didn't examine closely, but at casual observation, they seemed significantly dimmer than a Photon in white LED. Reds, greens and blues were also not really exciting either- I guess comparable to some of the other "cheapies".

I suppose if you can get them for around five dollars each it would be an OK deal, but I found some "Photon (II) clones" there that were brighter for a couple of dollars more.

If I also remember correctly, these run on 3 watch type alkaline batteries, or maybe LR44, LR41 ?? batteries rather than Lithiums, or they used a smaller lithium coin cell like a 1216 or 1616 ?? I could be wrong about that though-

I'd be willing to buy a five or six pack if I could get them for about $5.00 each, but I wasn't really impressed with them when I looked at them....