Lessons learned, lessons shared / given


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
My dad always made me hold the flashlight for him while he was fixing something; I learned a lot by watching.
I did the same with my kids, and now my grand kids. I used to hear... "Poppy, is this a learning thing?" He wanted no part of learning, but helping was OK. It's funny, that I don't hear that anymore. Last week as we laid a wood veneer floor in the family room, he said, "I like working with Poppy."

Teaching is a part of my being. :)

At any rate, yesterday, my daughter was watching a Hallmark movie. Two co-workers went for a ride to spend time together, to get to know each other better. They drove far enough away from civilization that they had no cell reception, and then made a right hand turn onto the road less traveled. Of course, they got a blow out, without a spare.

Remember, they had no cell service, already for miles. They decided to leave the vehicle and start walking back.

I asked my daughter, "What would YOU do?"
Oh boy, she could tell, This is one of those learning moments. Now.... WHAT is the RIGHT answer?

I told her, I would drive on the flat.
Yeah, you'll ruin the tire, and maybe the rim. So what? For a couple of hundred bucks they can be replaced, and the tire probably has to be replaced anyway.


Aug 9, 2015
Dust in the Wind
My pop used to draw pictures to explain his thought(s). As a kid when he'd say "go get me a pencil" I'd roll my eyes knowing if I found one it probably needed sharpening… so return with said pencil and more times than not whatever my dad drew really cleared things up.

The other day I found myself drawing a sketch to explain male/female pipe ends, that are called bell and spigot or tongue and groove in my line of work to a fellow who speaks 6 languages and learning English is #7 for him. He understands boy/girl and such but when we say "dudes/dames" or "lads/lassies" etc he gets those glazed over eyes. "What mean dude?" lol. So when he was recording some information into a project record the terms bell and spigot had him confused.

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