Sold/Expired Lets move these! Mac, HDS and others...


Jun 11, 2012
Its time to move some lights and some parts so they don't collect dust.
EDIT: My pictures apparently don't work. Here is a link to them

1) Non-Battery-Crush QTC flashlight- by TheFraz - $95
This is from the 1st run, and includes a 26650. The anno is in good shape, very little wear, but it does have a few very faint marks from the factory.
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2)Jetbeam Jet-1 PRO 2xAA - $30
Perfect working order, just a couple anno spots missing. Its programmable, but i don't have the instructions. Slight file marks on the clip from trying to make it fit on a different light. The clip still works good.
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3) Solarforce L2r 2xAA - $25 - SOLD
Very good condition, includes 3-speed drop in. Previous owner bored the head to accommodate a Malkoff drop in.
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4) Solarforce package – No splits – L2T, L2P, holster, spare crenelated bezel, clip, and tactical soft click tail cap. - $45

The Hosts have some anno wear but are in perfect working order. They include a XPG2 and 219 drop in. The holster, bezel and tail cap, and clip are new.
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5) MG L-Mini 2 – 18650 – Warm MC-E - $25 - SOLD

Good condition, couple minor anno marks. Includes clip.
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6) Reflex Flashlight triple led – cool white – 18650 - $40 - SOLD
Good condition, programmable via their website.

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7) GduP Buck/Boost Converter High Output - $25 - SOLD

Used but in perfect working order. Drive levels are 20mA, 180mA and 1200mA.

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8) HDS Twisty 18650 body - $30 - SOLD

Used with some anno wear, but its only cosmetic.
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9) HDS Executive w/factory Nichia 219 – Has one of the high polish bezels. - $175 - SOLD
Used but in very good condition. Just got back from Henry and has the newest programing (I beleave) 9 clicks to candle mode.

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10) HDS Executive cool XPG, NIB – Factory set to 140 Lm max. Also has high polish bezel - $175
Perfect for long runtimes, or for moding to other LED's. 9 clicks to candle mode.

11) MAC Aluminum SST-50 2.8A – no clip - $230 - SOLD

Has a few dings and serface marks but it is in good working order. Takes 16340 batteries – has been programed by Flucero28 to have 5 brightness levels and strobe. Also has hybrid memory.

12) SparkSD52-CW - $25
This has been acting up for some reason. Maybe you can fix it? It easily turns itself off when bumped.

The usual rules apply. Items are sold as is. I will take PayPal at [email protected]. Shipping to contintal US is included in the price. Any qustions via PM please, and if my inbox gets full, I'll empty it asap. First to post 'I'll take it' gets it.
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Jun 24, 2008
Nice grab on the HDS Twisty 18650 body! I've been thinking of posting a WTB for one of those.