Light bulb upgrade on 2007 ford escape


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Oct 21, 2008
Fall City
I live out in the sticks here in Washington state and when its dark and rainy with no street lights Ive had an issue with my Ford Escape and its headlights. Ive researched HIDs (illegal), fog lights and better bulbs. What I ended up doing was changing out the H11s for H9s, took less then 5 minutes to mod the H9s and WOW what a difference. Even my passengers who have driven on the roads before have noticed. Saying things like, hey I can see the white strips on the road etc. I went and bought the cheapest H9s I could find local (didnt want to have it not work and be out a bunch of money) To set expectations my wife has an S2000 with stock HIDs and they dont compare to those but the fact that I feel like I can see again is awesome. Now my understanding of the downside is that the bulb life is much shorter than an H11, but at $14.99 a bulb local and potentially cheaper online I think I can handle it. If bulb life becomes a problem I can always use the H11s in the summer.

Here is what I've seen posted on the difference (source internet, so take it for what it's worth)

H11 - 55 watt 1350 lumens

H9 - 65 watt 2700 lumens

Note: I've noticed no difference in heat after driving with them on (touching hte back off the headlight cover) and my wiring isn't even getting warm.

This website and the response from the people behind the website was most helpful. I'm sure most of you are very familiar with it.