Lighted Cap With 2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries


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Nov 16, 2002
Granted, this isn't a headlamp. I had an LED cap light years ago. It was handy, but the button cells, which may have been 2032 , needed to be replaced and were not rechargeable.

Yesterday, I was at a Cabela's near me, and saw a blaze orange cap that uses 2 AAA batteries. I know that there are rechargeable AAA batteries. For something like this, what would be a good choice for rechargeable batteries for this cap? It looks like most of them are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), except for the Xtar AAA, which is Lithium-Ion.

The practical side of me thinks that having to remove the batteries to swap them out will cause the wires to break and/or the cap to fall apart.



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Nov 3, 2009
Ottawa Ont. Canada
I get a chuckle at some lighted caps, toques etc. I see out there. Strikes me that clip-on lights may be more practical/flexible; use on any cap you wish, and there are lots to chose from though many run from CR2032's (or even LR44's) which don't have a lot of run-time. 2AAA or 3AAA sounds better.

As far as NiMH AAA just about any good-quality cells should work, they are not expensive and you can keep one of more spare sets on hand. Going to Lithium-ion AAA looks like unnecessary overkill/expense except to those who sell them. Lithium primary (non-rechargeable) AAAs are another option.

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