Lightest and brightest 18650 Headlamp?

Hooked on Fenix

Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 13, 2007
If you want bright, try the Nitecore HC68 2000 lumen headlight. Has both spot and flood like the Fenix HM65R-T but has the ability to digitally adjust the balance of flood and throw on every brightness setting for optimal performance. In other words, if you don't like the beam pattern, you can adjust it. Hard to beat the Fenix on weight since they use magnesium.
Mar 4, 2012
Sure, I don't need more lumens... But, I wouldn't be on this forum for needs. :) I want more because it's a fun toy.

300 lumens from my Zebralight H52 is great, 184 lumens in H2 mode is usable for running. 600 lumens of high CRI 4000k light would be even better. :)

It's unfortunate that the new Zebralights don't work with 14500 batteries. I've tested runtime with my H52 using eneloops and the runtime is a lot lower compared to a 14500, and the 14500 is 10 grams lighter.

Pretty sure there are a few threads where folks run 14500s in newer "non-approved" AA Zebralights...successfully.