Lighting upgrade for KTM Duke 250

Alaric Darconville

Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 2, 2001
Stillwater, America
You don't give the year or any other information, but the pics I see of the bike seem to indicate that it uses a composite headlamp with a halogen bulb. The only way to convert that to LED is to replace the complete lamp assembly with an LED motorcycle headlamp, depending on what will really fit on the front. There are no halogen bulb-shaped LEDs that will safely upgrade your existing headlamp.

JW Speaker make some excellent adaptive motorcycle headlamps in various styles, such as traditional 5.75" and 7" round sealed beam form factors and the very stylish Victory (which is built for a specific bike), which you potentially could build mounting hardware to attach to your own bike.

Adaptive headlamps improve lighting when cornering, by compensating for the lean of the bike and the angle of the headlamp (both in direction pointed and from not being horizontal).


Sorry, 2019 KTM Duke 250, I have the H4 halogen setup and not the Split LED like the current-gen model. I want to switch my standard halogen bulb with a powerful LED H4. Even my Honda Scooty comes with beautiful LED headlamps. I was looking at the night eye LED but the reviews were not so good. Ant other alternatives?