Lights for Sale: Titanium E series, Laulima


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Sep 16, 2020
Update: add Laulima; add Lego

Public posts that unconditionally commit to a purchase with the earliest timestamp will take priority over PMs and offers. All prices will be PayPal F&F (add 4% for G&S), include insured shipping within the US only. I also take Venmo and Apple Pay. Discounts for bundles. If you need additional info and/or photos, please feel free to message me.

All lights do not include batteries, boxes, or packaging unless otherwise stated.

Titanium E series Lego: $350
Denkiman custom insert with W1 emitter and programmable driver. All titanium head, body, and RPM tail.




Laulima Malihini Titanium: $350
Comes with original pouch, no COA (however the maker should be able to issue a new one). Triple Nichia 219c 4000K, Dragon driver with blue aux. Some surface scratches and small ding on the head from carry. Original Ti milled clip installed, grey-blue anodization still looks great.


Surefires listed from top to bottom of the photo:

6PX Pro: $80 $55
Good condition with a few small pinpoint imperfections in the anodization.

Z2X Combatlight: $80 $40
Excellent condition, no major visible defects.

L2 Digital Lumamax: $95 Sold
User with a few small dings here and there. Typical slightly mismatched anodization of the tail and body.

Backup MV Frankenlight: $85 Sold
With a KE1A head and click tail. Some dings on the tail, otherwise in good condition.

EDCL2-T: $100 $90
Gas pedal tail, KE2G head. Minor wear of the anodization on the head, will come with stock clip, not the speed draw one in the photo.

Cerakoted white 6P: $130 $120
Nicely finished with some wear as it was a user. Bored for 18650, M61 drop-in included. Comes with the crenellated bezel, press-on tail standing ring and Oveready clip.

Oveready tail, 6P host: $130 SPF
No drop-in, but I might have a few spares to add for an additional amount. Crenellated bezel, natural HA head, stock unbored black body, Oveready tail with clip. Switch internals also appear to be Oveready.

Oveready bare 18350 6P: $85 SPF
Bare aluminum 6P made by Oveready. Perfect for a project to cerakote or other finish. Tail cap will fit an Oveready clip and McClicky switch is installed. However, the head will need a drop-in, lens, and bezel to complete the light.

Other lights:

Modified Olight Warrior 3 Titanium: $125 $100
So this one has its emitter swapped to a XHP 50.3 with a really nice neutral tint. It'll come with two Olight batteries, charger, belt sheath, and box. Light scratches and wear on the matte titanium, but otherwise a decent user.

Modified Streamlight ProTac 2L-X: $50 $45
Definitely well-used and loved by the previous owner. I swapped the emitter to a Nichia 219b sw30k for a nice high CRI neutral beam.

Fenix PD40R: $50
Stock and in good condition. Head was modified with a brass post soldered to the positive end to accept unprotected flat top batteries. This one will come with a battery.

Mechforce Suppressor Turbo: $90 $75
Good condition with no light wear. Will come with an Efest 21700 battery and original box.

Novatac SPL-120: $85 Sold
Stock and the 250 click unlock has been done.

Tain Ti Twist AA: $375 $360
Beautiful custom light, just sits on my shelf and never carried.


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Oveready tail, 6P host: $130
No drop-in, but I might have a few spares to add for an additional amount. Crenellated bezel, natural HA head, stock unbored black body, Oveready tail with clip. Switch internals also appear to be Oveready.


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Jan 28, 2013
that Tain is one of the Borealis lights. Should be a AA only (14500 will cook it) and positive to the tail...

Beautiful machining!
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