Lightstorm CL1 and SL1 - the only (dynamo) lights with ultra-capacitor?


Jun 27, 2006
I came across the name Lightstorm in another thread discussing post-apocalyptic lighting. Since I don't want to distract that thread, I'll post them here for discussion. Not much has been discussed about them on CPF.

They're not the brightest by any means but with the dynamo they can be tucked away in a box for 5 or 10 years or longer and will always be ready when you need light.

The unique feature about these 2 lights is they use carbon ultra-capacitors as energy storage which is advertised as lasting at least 100 times longer than LiIon or NiMH batteries (in terms of charge-discharge cycles).

If you look around you'll see that not many lights use capacitor, in fact I could not find any yet.

Manufacturer's link:

Lightstorm SL1 is a hybrid LED flashlight-lantern with a 0.5W spotlight, three white 15,000 mcad LEDs for flood, and three red 15,000 mcad LED for signaling.

Lightstorm CL1 is a LED flashlight with a 0.5W spotlight and two white 15,000 mcad LEDs for flood.

The only thing I could wish for is a more robust cranking handle and gears (metal), otherwise they are perfect. The prices are very reasonable too IMHO. I will order 2 from the ebay seller swsolutions.