List of 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion battery chargers

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Apr 26, 2010
As for rechargeable 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion battery, it internally utilizes a 3.6V cell and works through synchronous rectification buck discharge, stepped down to a 1.5V constant voltage output. Due to its speciality, it needs dedicated compatible chargers. We collected some info online. There are seven popular AA/AAA Li-ion battery chargers on the market. You can see the specification comparison in the following table. What's your favorite one?

More details online:

Chargers for 1.5V AA Lithium-Ion Batteries.png


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Mar 28, 2013
New Mexico, USA
From the link on post #1:

"What we want to convey to everyone is that the process of charging a battery is like a dance, and a high-quality charger ensures that the dance is precisely choreographed. It doesn't just charge the battery, but also helps improve the overall performance and life of the battery. The result is a battery that lasts longer, delivers consistent power to your devices, and maintains a higher level of reliability."

Of further interest is that XTAR, in this release, chooses to cite 2 other brands as being the cheapest and lightest. It's not often that we see a company open to even mentioning a competitor unless it points out something inferior.

Yes, XTAR does state that their model MX4 is the best in terms of versatility, reputation and overall value. Less than $20.

We own the BC4 from early on. It is regularly used for son's X-Box controller batteries. Being able to be used as a powerbank is a plus. We have never used it as a flashlight as of yet.