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Feb 25, 2004
secret underground bunker
No need for pics. Just take a moment or three and list your lights.

- Arc AAA (~15, RGB, red, orange, blue, UV, CPF, currently-available flavor, DS, etc.)
- Arc AA (6, include 2x lugged)
- Arc LS (6)
- Arc LS LitFuse mod (2x)
- Arc 4+
- Peak AAA (2)
- Peak 1xCR123 7LED
- Inova X5 (2)
- Inova T4
- Inova X1 (2)
- Inova Microlight (red LED)
- Inova Microlight (white LED)
- CMG Infinity (several)
- CMG Sonic
- Nuwai Q-III (2)
- Dorcy 1AAA 1LED
- Dorcy 3AA 1LED
- Photons (several)
- Photon Proton
- Streamlight Strion
- Streamlight Stinger
- Streamlight Stinger HP head
- Streamlight PolyStinger
- Streamlight UltraStinger
- Streamlight ProPolymer 7LED (2)
- Streamlight ProPolymer Luxeon (2)
- Steamlight Jr. Luxeon
- Streamlight PolyStinger C4 DS LED
- Streamlight Strion LED
- Streamlight E-flood Firebox
- Aleph 2 NG500
- Aleph 3 DB917
- Aleph CR2
- A19 Cree XR-E 1x123
- Surefire L4, Pila 168S
- Surefire G2 (3)
- Surefire 6P (3)
- Surefire U2
- Surefire X10
- Surefire 6P + (2)A19 + (2)Pila 168S + P91
- Surefire M3 + A19 + (2)Pila 168S
- Orb Raw U-bin, green tritium
- Orb Raw T-bin, blue tritium
- Mag60 (Magcharger + WA1160)
- Mag85 bi-pin WA1185, black, 9AA>3D
- Mag85 potted WA1185, black, 9AA>3D
- FM 1D Magmod potted WA1166, black, 3 Pila 168S
- FM 1D Magmod bi-pin WA1318, silver, 3 Pila 168S
- FM 2D Magmod, can't remember bulb, 6AA>3D
- Elektrolumen Tesla-6, black (3D Mag body with 6LED on 9AAA)
- Night-Ops Gladius, black (x2)
- Pelican M6 LED HA3
- HDS EDC Basic 60
- Novatac 120P
- Thor 15M candlepower Cyclops, yellow
- Rechargeable 1M candlepower spotlights (several)
- Jil 1.3W Up
- Eternalight ErgoMarine
- Eternalight Derringer
- A19 Cree XR-E 1x123 Aleph GD825
- Acro X990
- Mac's "The Torch" (black "sleeper")
- Mac's Osram Magmod (link)
- Mac's Mini-HID
- Olight Warrior R2
- Tiablo ACE
- Fenix L1P (3)
- Fenix L2P
- Fenix L0P
- Fenix P1 (natural)
- Fenix P1 (black)
- Fenix P1D Cree (black)
- Fenix P1D Cree Q5 (natural)
- Fenix EO
- Fenix LOD CE (x2)
- Fenix L0D Q4
- Fenix L1D CE
- Fenix L2D CE
- Fenix L2D CE Q5
- Fenix P3D Q5
- Fenix T1
- Fenix TK10
- Fenix EO1 (multiple)
- Fenix E05, old flavor, 2014 aluminum, and 2014 stainless
- Fenix LD10 Q5
- Fenix LD20 Q5
- Fenix TK40
- Fenix PD32
- Fenix PD35 (used regularly with cone for traffic control)
- Quark 2xAA (using 18650 body)
- Quark 1xCR123
- Quark Preon (2x)
- Quark mini AA
- Quark mini CR123 (current EDC light)
- Quark 2xCR123 Turbo X with 18650
- Nitecore SRT5 (current EDC)

best regards
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Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 11, 2004
lemme see..

LionHeart #22/125 (Mr. Bulk)
LionCub #22/100 (Mr. Bulk)
LionCub BA (Mr. Bulk)
LionCub Brass (Mr. Bulk)
SuperFlashlight I proto #13 (Mr. Bulk)
SilverBird Custom build (jetts22)
TnC Lithium Lux-V #5/10
TnC Hyperlux
TnC N cell Proto #008
Orb CPF #008
Lambda HD III
Nano #103 (awaiting shipping)
CMG Ultra-G (countrycom) X2

That's all I can think of right now



Feb 7, 2005

photon III red
photon III white
Glo Toob FX red
Glo Toob FX green
Glo Toob FX blue
Peak Matterhorn SS 3 LED Ultra
LE Katokichi Ichishiki
CPF Orb U bin
RAW U bin blue trit
RAW U bin green trit
RED RAW 190 lumen
Surefire M3
Surefire M2
Surefire L6
Surefire E1e
Surefire E2d with aleph 2x123 body
Surefire Kl4 with aleph 1x123 and two stage Mcgizmo
Surefire X200
Night Ops Gladius black
Lion Cub black
Lion Cub nat

I think theres more but I aven't got a clue where they are /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/icon3.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink2.gif


Jun 4, 2004
Mine is rather short:

LuxV Dimmable FatMag
ElektroLumens XM-3
Space Needle II
Lux3 3D Mag
Nuwai QIII
Brinkman Legend LX/Maxfire
Lightwave 2000.


Aug 12, 2000
Federal Way WA. USA
As of just over a year ago:

Aitec "Collimator" torches
Brinkmann Rebel 2 4-LED Flashlight
Tektite Excursion LS4 Flashlight
Excursion Pro
Expedition 300 (Green)
Expedition 300 (White)
Expedition 50
Trek 400 EX40
Expedition 1900
Exped. 1900 Ltd
Expedition 1400
Tektite Expedition Star
Dorcy 8-LED
Lightwave 3000
Lightwave 4000
Millennium 3 C.Guard
Millennium 3 Military
Novigear SL2 Flashlight
Pelican Sabrelite Flashlight
Super Tiger 9-LED Flashlight
Trek 6000 EX60
Aitec "Collimator" torches
Arc AA Flashlight
Arc AAA Std.
ATA Aluminum 4-LED Flashlight
Belt Light
Brinkmann Long Life
Brinkmann Rebel
C.C. Mini Trek
CMG Bonfire Tent Light
CMG Bonfire Blaze Tent Light
CMG Infinity
CMG Infinity Ultra
CMG/Gerber Sonic
Coleman Compact 3-LED Light
Coleman Endurance 6-LED Light
Dorcy 1-LED Flashlight
Dorcy 3-LED Flashlight
Dorcy 4-LED Flashlight
Dorcy Cool Blue #1
Dorcy LS Flashlight
eternaLight Derringer
eternaLight EliteMax
eternaLight Elite X-Ray
eternaLight Rave'n
FL-04 Pocket Flashlight
FlashLED 3 & 6
Flashlight Tuner
Energizer Folding Lant'n
Inova X1 Flashlight
PT Impact
PT Impact II Flashlight
LED-Club Flushlight
LED Lenser V2 Flashlight
LED Torch (ebay)
Lightwave 2000
Lightwave 2100
Lumos LED Flashlight
Mellert MasterLED x4
Mini FlashLED
Mini-Trek Flashlight
MX5S Flashlight
Nightbuster 8X
Nightbuster Ledda
Our Best Aluminum
Peak 1xAAA 1xLED Brass Flashlight
PLW-3 (New style)
PLW-3 (Old style)
Quantum 2000
CMG Reactor
S&W Galaxy
3-LED Saber Flashlight
ShoreLite Vx1 Flashlight
Starlite 128 (Old)
Starlite 213R
Starlite 128R
Squid Light
Streamlight ProPoly 4-AA
Streamlight ClipMate
Teknolite Flashlight w/Trasers
TSI 3-Way LED Torch
TSI Three-Color Sliding Torch
Stylus 3
Trek 1
Trek 2
Trek 4 Ltd. Ed. Alum
Turtlelite 1
Turtlelite 2
UK eLED Flashlight
Unknown brand 3-LED Flashlight
Coast Cutlery V12 Flashlight
ASP Aspen
Countycomm $1 Flashlight
CMG O4 Mini
County Comm Super Tough Light
Princeton Tec Eclipse
Gamma Ray
Jewel Lite LED Flashlight
Knife Lite
Lightwave Pocket Bright
Litepro Kee-Biner
Litepro Quasar
Lithium Micro Light
Mirage Micro Light
Photon 2
Photon 3
Photon Freedom Micro Light
Photon X-Light
Photon Rav'n
PT Pulsar I
PT Pulsar II
Energizer Pocket LED
'Presentation UFO'
Sapphire (Asp)
Swiss+Tech Micro-Light
Tag Light
Toollogic T1 Tech Light
UltraSLIM Disposable
Photon X-Light Rainbow
Small Keychain LED
Aluminum Keychain Flashlight
KeyLED Original
KeyLED New
LED Lenser V1 Moon
LEDSupply Keychain Lantern
NeoGlo Keychain Flashlights
Pelican L1
Photonenpumpe V8
Pocketlite Auto
Toollogic TracLite
AK-38 LED+Laser Light
Arc 4+ Flashlight
Arc-LSHP w/Fraen
Arc LS Premium
Arc LS Prototype
Epoch 4
Beam-Fire Quattro
Fliklite Flashlight
Inova 24/7
Inova X5
LEDXTREME LX-5 Flashlight
LED-Lenser V2 Triplex
Pelican M6 LED Flashlight
S175 Luxeon Flashlight
SureFire KL1 LS Bezel
SureFire KL2 LED Bezel
SureFire KL3 LS Bezel
SureFire KL4 5W LS Bezel
SureFire L1
SureFire L5 Flashlight
TNC Hyper Lux V
TNC Splash Ano Flashlight
Streamlight TL-2 LS Flashlight
Superfire SF-101 Flashlight
Supra Police Flashlight
Acculux Rechargeable
ALX-1213N Rechargeable Luxeon Flashlight
Bulldog LED Flashlight
Coleman Rechargeable 2-LED Light
Free Light
Free Light 2
Micra Lithium
Micro opto e-light
Nightstar II LED Flashlight
PAL Survival
PAL OneStar
Rigel Skylite Flashlight
Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
UView Rechargeable NUV Light
Vector 4 NUV Inspection Light
Vector 7 Rechargeable UV LED Light
385nm 7-LED UV Flashlight
2-in-1 Money Det.
Mini Detector UV
Mini Money Checker
Photon 3 Violet/NUV
UView Phazer Inspection Light
UView Rechargeable NUV Light
UV Starlight
UV 'UFO' type 1
UV 'UFO' type 2
Wilycon UV Keych.
Wilycon UV Pen
AB Moonbeams Nightlight
AB UV Glo Lite Mod
Lambda's Ill Pill mod
Lambda's Hydra
Elektrolumens ElektroBlaster
Fire~Fly Flashlight
Gentle LED Birth Light
Illuminator HD Flashlight
Aragorn's Violet P3 Mod
Ted Bear's 'ArcFinity' Kit
Alaska Illum. Legend Mod
Double Barrel 18
Mini Illuminator Flashlight
Lambda Illuminator (LS)
Long Gun Illuminator (LS Mod)
McLux LED Flashlights
McModule PM6 Mod
Micro Illuminator Flashlight
Milky Candle
Double Barrel LS Mod
Pelican M6 6W NUV Modification
Spider LED Bike Light Mod
SBP (Super Baby Pin)
Positron Laser
Space Needle II
Terra Destroyer
Turbo-Mate Flashlight
Quaggy Light
EverLED Bulb
Ever-Star LED Bulb
Diamond LED Replacement Bulb
InReTECH 2AA kits
InReTECH Mega 6
InReTECH Super 6
InReTECH TriLight
LEDcorp PR bulb
LEDCORP Epieon Bulb
NewBeam Mini-Mag "Bulb"
Night Pearl PR Bulb
Pro Series 3 Bulb
Avalanche 2 Headlamp
Avalanche 6 Headlamp
Black Diamond Gemini
Black Diamond Ion
Black Diamond Moonlight
Dostone 5-LED Headlamp
Energizer LED Essentials headlamp
FrontaLED Trekker
Fusion (LRI)
Lightwave Illuminator.
Novigear HM1 LS Headlamp
Petzl Tikka
Princeton Tec Scout
Responder 4AA Headlamp
Seven $1 Store Flashlights
Bison Sportlight (2-C)
Division 2 Responder
Brinkmann Legend LX
Docter Aspherilux 125
Mag Lite (3-D)
Mag Solitaire Flashlight
Mini Mag (2-AA)
Nordic 3-D
Pelican M6
Princeton Tec Surge
SureFire Executive E2D Defender
S&W Classic Combo
SureFire A2 Aviator
SureFire CPF-50
SureFire E2
SureFire Executive E2D Defender
SureFire M2 Centurion
TigerLight FBOP Flashlight
Trek 200
Trek 6000
Trek Micralite
UKE Mini (2-AAA)
Light Cannon 100 HID
Crate&Barrel Slim Light Rechargeable
1xLED Keychain Flashlight
Peak 1xAA 5xLED Gold Flashlight
Energizer Trim Flex LED
Peak 1xAAA 3xLED HA & Brass Flashlights
OMBU 5W LED Flashlight
Peak 1xCR123A 7xLED Brass Flashlight
"Ceemore" 12-LED Flashlight
Lightwave Infiniton Flashlight
Sharper Image Ear Lite
Eveready 2D Flashlight
"Xnova" 1xAAA 3xLED Flashlight
Guide Gear 12-LED Lantern
Pelican 4300 Nemo 8C Flashlight
SureFire L2 Digital Lumamax
Nitestar 3W Luxeon Flashlight
Vortex TC1 Flashlight
PT Yukon HL Headlamp
SureFire L6 Flashlight
X8 LED Flashlight
6-LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer
Elektrolumens XM-2 Flashlight
McGizmo's PR-917 Bezel
Extended LED Search Stick


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 21, 2003
Santa Cruz, CA
Craig, two words: you win.

Here, I have:
2x Custom EL blaster TWOJ @ DB500mA& UCL/Mc27 reflector
1x inova X5t
1x MC60/pmr& 4ah Ginseng-stick
5x SF 6P (a few with BG-3W module)
1x SF G2 with BG-3W module& UCL
1x SF 9P/clickie& SRTH XXOT 5W @ DB667mA
1x SF M2/SW02& KT2 XXOT 5W @ BB700mA
1x SN2 with Darkzero's reflector&UCL
1x photon freedom with uncut MJLED

I managed to get rid of all the rest to friends and family...


Flashlight Enthusiast
Aug 9, 2004
down the road from Pleasure Point.
Let's See:

Inova Xo3,
Inova XO,
Inova X1
Infinity Ultra
Infinity Ultra G(4 of them)
Mag85 with FM 3" head and pack
Mag11 in 2D form and 6 1650's
Mag138 in 4D
Mag-MR16 in 4D(shares a tube with the Mag138
Mag 2c with Gh24
mag 6D with Gh24
Mag 3D with TWOK
Mini Mag with 5mm LED
Mini Mag with Nexgen750
COming-a MMMMag running on 14720 and a minipro
Tigerlight Gold
SF 6P,
SF 3P,
SF A2,
SF E1L(FB1),
SF E2e,
SF C3,
SF M6.
Eternalite Ergo MArine
ORb Raw-U
THor(just plain stock, I like the run time that way)
Some Costco spotlight

Yeah...I *hope* that's the end of that, but who knows...


Jan 31, 2005
GTA, ON, Canada
Not many, but:

-Inova T4
-Inova T3
-Inova x1
-Inova microlight
-Dorcy AAA
-HA III minimag
-HA III micromag w/ terralux
-SF U2 *Comming*



Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 28, 2003
Sycamore, Illinois
It would take too much time to list all 200 or so of my lights, but a few of my favorites are:
2 EternaLights
TnC Key-LUX AA 350 mA
Mag 3D modded with a Lux III by 3rd shift
Inova T3
Inova X5
Arc AA
2 or 3 Photon 2's
4 CMG Infinity Ultra's
2 Pal Lights
Zippo ZipLight (neat idea, too bad they no longer make them)
dozens of MagLites


Nov 28, 2003
Kansas City, MO
My lights:

Lummi Orig Orb Proto
TnC 18650 V1 NB-XML
Elektro EDC-MCE-Ti
Mirage Man Fatty
Mirage Man Fatty
Mirage Man Fatty
Mirage Man Fatty
Mirage Man Fatty
McGizmo SunDrop
McGizmo AquaMule
McGizmo AquaMule
McGizmo 27LT Proto

DS Prometheus Delta
DS Prometheus Delta
Okluma Brass DC1
Okluma Brass DC1
Oveready BOSS 35
Oveready BOSS 70
AWE Designs STB1
Jets22 Brass Goldbird
Mr Bulk Brass LionCub
Mr Bulk Brass LionCub
TX Lumens Mechanic
McGizmo Bratguy SD
Firefly Brass Cube
Peu NEOCA Wood
ReyLight Pineapple
Peak Night Patrol
Peak McKinley
Peak McKinley
Peak Kilimanjaro
Peak Kilimanjaro

Stainless Steel
Lumencraft Gatlight V2
Lumencraft Gatlight V2
ReyLight Gemini SST
ReyLight Gemini SST
ReyLight Gemini SST
AWE Designs STB1
AWE Designs STB1
Xeno Cube V7
Xeno Cube V7
Xeno Cube V7
Fenix SS L1+
Fenix SS L1+
Fenix SS L1+
Fenix SS L1+
Peak Night Patrol
Peak Night Patrol

MJP Quad AA Proto
TX Lumens Mechanic
Lummi Original Orb
Mac The Torch
Elektro EDC-XML
4Sevens Atom AL
Inova T1
Inova X5
Inova X5
Inova X0
Inova X0
Inova X0
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Aug 19, 2004
Peak AAA Lug
HDS EDC 42 Basic
Couple other cheapies I had before I found this place.

That's it. I'm not a collector. I just enjoy reading and seeing what's new.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 19, 2001
Craig wins? Or does he??? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

A.I.T. NightStar
A.I.T. NightStar 2
AIT Nightstar CS
Abitax Tag Light
AdvancedMart 0.5 Watt 3-AAA LED
Advancedmart 0.5W Keychain
AdvancedMart 28 LED
AdvancedMart GL-11 Keychain
Advancedmart "Sapphire" 1 Watt LED
Advancedmart H-1113 12 LED Headlamp
Advancedmart FL306A 12 LED Headlamp
Advancedmart CR2 Chromed Brass 0.5W
Advancedmart CR123 Chromed Brass 0.5W
Advancedmart Ghost II
Advancedmart Quake II
Advancedmart 32 LED
Aitec Collimator Lights
Aitec Pro-Tech Lights
Aitec 6-LED Lights
Aitec Rescue Light
Aitec Mini-Light
Aitec Keychain Light
Amondotech 4 LED Diving Handtorch LD-34
Angus Noble Indium
ARC AAA Premium
Arc LS (LSH-P)
ASP Navigator Elite
Aurora 1.5 Watt
Bikelight Luxeon
Black Diamond Gemini
Black Diamond Helion
Black Diamond ION
Black Diamond Moonlight
Black Diamond NightRay
Black Diamond Polar Star
Black Diamond Supernova
Black Diamond Vectra IQ
Black Diamond Zenix IQ
Boker Minilight
Bright Star Responder 4AA
Bright Star Responder 4C
Brinkmann Legend LX
Brinkmann Maxfire LX
Brunton Firelight
BugOutGear Luxeon III LED P60 Lamp Assembly
CMG "o4"
CMG Bonfire
CMG Bonfire Blaze
CMG Infinity
CMG Infinity Ultra
CMG Reactor
CMG Reactor 3
CMG Sonic
CMG/Gerber Tracer
Coast LED-Lenser 360° AAA light
Coleman Pocket Lantern
Coleman Project Light
Coleman Sentinel
Costco 2AA Luxeon LED
Dat2zip BadBoy Minimag Upgrade
Dat2zip MadMax+ Minimag Upgrade
Diamond AT3000L
Diamond AT3100L
Diamond Luxeon I and Luxeon III Maglight Replacement Bulbs
Diamond Shakelights
Diamond Camplight
Diamond Fraen Mag Replacement Module
Diamond 10X
Dorcy 1 LED Lantern
Dorcy 1 LED 1 AAA
Dorcy 3 LED 1 AA
Dorcy 4 LED 2 AA
Dorcy 8 LED 2 C
Dorcy Luxeon 3 AAA
Dorcy Luxeon 3-D
Dorcy Spyder
Elektrolumens Blaster II
Elektrolumens Elektro-Star
Elektrolumens XM-3
Energizer ArcWhite
Energizer DoubleBarrel
Energizer Folding LED
Energizer LED Headlamp
Energizer SuperBright
EssentialGear 3 Watt Luxeon 2x123A
EternaLight Marine
Eveready Economy Bright Light
FavourLight 3 Watt Headlamp
Garrity Fun-Tastick
Garrity Ear-Light
Generic Coin Cell Keychain Lights
Generic ET-0100 Dynamo Powered Light
Generic Dynamo Radio Light
Generic Dynamo Pump Light
Gerber Flashflood
Gerber Hornet Flashlantern
Gerber Infinity Ultra
Gerber Inferno
Gerber LX 1.0
Gerber LX 3.0
Gerber Recon
Gerber Trio
Gerber TX 3.0
Glo-Toob FX
GoLight Epoch 4
Heliotek HTE-1 rev.2
Hubbell Lite 3003-C
In2theLight 329
In2theLight S-21
Inova 24/7
Inova Microlight
Inova X1
Inova X-5 Tactical
Inova XO
Inova XO3
Inova T1
Inova T2
Inova T3
Inova T4
InReTech 2AA White
Insite-Light Safety Marker
Keystone FlareAlert
Kriana Krill Extreme
LEDBeam 3-C
LED-Duet Headlamp
LEDtronics FlashLED
LEDtronics KeyLED
LEDtronics Mini-FlashLED
LEDtronics VestLED Safety Vest
LEDtronics PR 3-LED Bulb
LedXtreme Predator
Lightwave 2000
Lightwave 2100
Lightwave 3000
Lightwave 4000
Lightwave Illuminator
Lightwave Pocket-Bright
Litepro Quasar
Litepro Teknolite
Litepro Kee-biner
Litepro Light Rover
Litepro Spitfire I
Longbow Micra
Lumaray FL-6
Lumaray FL-12
Maglite 3D and 4D
Maglight Minimag
Maglite Rechargable System
Maglight Solitaire
Mini "Photon-Like" keychains
Montane Squid Light
MPTech XP3
Muyan 14 LED 3xAAA light
Muyan 19 LED 3xAAA light
Muyan 21 LED 3xAAA light
MDXL 3 Watt 3xAAA
Newton 10 LED
NeoGlo Light Show Strobe
Nicco Dynamo MT-023
NightBuster AquaLED
NightBuster Clipper
NightCutter M60L
NightCutter 3C
NightCutter P20 Strategist
Night Hawk Eco Headlamp
Nite-Ize Clip-On Marker and Marker Band
Nite-Ize FlashFlight Lighted Flying Disk
Nuwai 0.5 Watt TM-310H
Nuwai 0.5 Watt TM-311H
Nuwai 0.5 Watt TM-313X
Nuwai 0.5 Watt TM-317X
Nuwai(?) CoupLED
Nuwai Luxeon I Quantum-I
Nuwai Luxeon I ALX-512L
Nuwai Luxeon I ALX-816A
Nuwai Luxeon 1 ALX-2512AA
Nuwai Luxeon 1 ALX-2611X
Nuwai Luxeon I TM-65H
Nuwai Luxeon I Headlamp HLX-712L
Nuwai Luxeon III Quantum-III
Nuwai Luxeon III ALX-032L
Nuwai Luxeon III ALX-332L
Nuwai Luxeon III TM-115X
Nuwai Luxeon III TM-301X-3
Nuwai Luxeon V ALX-053L
Nuwai Luxeon V ALX-253L
Nuwai Luxeon V ALX-352L
Nuwai Luxeon V TM-116X
Nuwai Clip-Keychain Light
Nuwai 16 LED camping lantern (JK-164C)
Nuwai 20 LED Lantern
Opalec NewBeam
PALight Survival
Peak LED Solutions Assortment
Peak LED Solutions Atlantic
Pelican M6
Pelican M6 LED
Pelican 2020 SabreLite LED
Pelican Recoil 2010
Pelican MityLite Plus 2AA LED
Pelican VB3
Petra-Tek Keychain
Petzl Duo (Duo Belt LED 8)
Petzl Myo 3
Petzl Myo 5
Petzl Myo XP
Petzl Zipka and Tikka
Petzl Zipka+ and Tikka+
Photon Microlight 2
Photon Microlight 3
Photon Freedom
PremierLight Micro PL Light
Princeton Tec - Tec 40
Princeton Tec Attitude
Princeton Tec Attitude (new body)
Princeton Tec Aurora
Princeton Tec Blast
Princeton Tec Corona
Princeton Tec Eclipse
Princeton Tec Eclipse 2
Princeton Tec EOS
Princeton Tec Impact
Princeton Tec Impact 2
Princeton Tec Impact XL
Princeton Tec Matrix 2
Princeton Tec Pilot
Princeton Tec Pulsar
Princeton Tec Pulsar 2
Princeton Tec Rage
Princeton Tec Surge
Princeton Tec Scout
Princeton Tec Yukon
Princeton Tec Yukon HL
Radio Shack Fluorescent
Rayovac AdventureLite Headlamp
Sino Union Starlight
Skylight Solar
Skylight Comfort
Streamlight 3C-XP
Streamlight Argo
Streamlight Argo HP
Streamlight BatonLite
Streamlight Clipmate
Streamlight JR Luxeon
Streamlight Key-Mate
Streamlight NightFighter 2
Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA LED
Streamlight ProPolymer 4AA
Streamlight ProPolymer Luxeon
Streamlight Scorpion
Streamlight Scorpion LED
Streamlight Septor
Streamlight Stinger
Streamlight Strion
Streamlight Stylus
Streamlight Tactical TL-2
Streamlight Tactical TL-2 LED
Streamlight Tactical TL-2 LED Gen 2
Streamlight Tactical TL-3
Streamlight Tactical TL-3 LED
Streamlight TaskLight Luxeon
Streamlight Tasklight 2L
Streamlight Trident
Streamlight TwinTasks
Surefire 10X Dominator
Surefire A2 Aviator
Surefire C2 Centurion
Surefire E1e
Surefire E2
Surefire E2d Executive Defender
Surefire G2
Surefire KL1 Module
Surefire KL3 Module
Surefire L1 Digital Lumamax gen 2
Surefire L2 Digital Lumamax
Surefire L4 Digital Lumamax
Surefire L5 Digital Lumamax
Surefire M2 Millennium
Surefire M3 Millennium Combat
Surefire U2 Digital Ultra
Swiss Light Solar
Swiss-Tech Micro-Light
Swiss Tech Micro-Pro
Synergy Design Group TurboFlare 360
Tektite Excursion LS4
Tektite Expedition 1400
Tektite Expedition 300
Tektite Expedition Star
Tektite Knifelite
Tektite LPR-3 Luxeon Bulb
Tektite Tekna Splash-Lite
Tektite Trek 4
Tektite Trek Lithium
Tektite Splash-Lite LS
Tektite LS-223
TerraLUX LED Bulbs
Terralux MaxStar2 TLE-6
TerraLUX MiniSTAR2 TLE-5
TerraLUX MiniSTAR1 TLE-4
TigerLight Gold
Titan Tec Metal Keychain Light
Tool Logic Trac-Lite
ToolLogic Tech Light
TV Products 6 LED Solar recharged torch
UK 4AA Rechargeable
UK Light Cannon 100
UK Sunlight C8
UK Sunlight C4 eLED
UK Sunlight C8 eLED
Ultra-Bright Clip Light
Unknown 34 LED 110V replacement bulb
Unknown "Police" xenon
Vector 1M CP Spotlight
Vector 2-Way Flashlight
Vector Slimlight LED/CCFT
Vital Gear F2
Vortex TC-1
Vortex KC-1
Wolf 9 LED Light
XenErgy 3-in-1
Xtreme Lite 4-C
Xtreme Lite Dive Light


OK, he probably does win, since he only listed 1 year of lights and I listed about 4 years worth, and a few are in the list that I don't have anymore...

And believe me, you really DON'T want to sign up to be a reviewer... Can anyone spare me some of their free time? Anyone? Anyone? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/duh2.gif


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Jun 7, 2004
Saskatoon SK Canada
Don't forget to list your home address and when
you'll be out of the house too /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

All my significant lights are in my sig, with the
exception of my Arc AAA-P.