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Mar 2, 2009
This is my collection, there are many like it but this one is mine...

-Mag Solitaire (Black but is something between black and natural as this was worn on keychain for a few years)
-Mag AA (Black and a bit beat up from living in toolbox)
-Mag 2D Black
-Mag 2D Silver
-Streamlight KeyMate (Black)
-Streamlight Stylus Pro (Black)
-Streamlight Scorpion Xenon
-Streamlight TwinTask 2L (Black)
-Streamlight BatonLite
-Streamlight Strion
-INOVA MicroLight (Clear/Black with White LED)
-Victorinox Midnight Minichamp (Red scales and Red LED)

I recently purchased and am awaiting delivery of:

-Streamlight ProPoly 4AA Lux (Black)
-Streamlight Nano
-Streamlight MicroStream
-Fenix E0 (Natural)

Planning on adding more lights from INOVA, Fenix and of course Streamlight. And yes, I know, no SureFire yet but I'm working on it.


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Feb 5, 2008
It's interesting to me, a flashlight newbie, I have a GL4 550Lm version and I do like the beam it gives me,
but I will never order another "twisty"!
It's hard to twist it to turn it on, need both hands, it's quite if
using tactile, but very inconvenient.

What do you mean?GL4 is not 'twisty'.Only if you use the led switch is 'twisty', the regular switch si forward clickie.


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Feb 20, 2009
As of just over a year ago:

Aitec "Collimator" torches
Brinkmann Rebel 2 4-LED Flashlight
Tektite Excursion LS4 Flashlight
Excursion Pro
Expedition 300 (Green)
Expedition 300 (White)
Expedition 50
Trek 400 EX40
Expedition 1900
Exped. 1900 Ltd
Expedition 1400
Tektite Expedition Star
Dorcy 8-LED
Lightwave 3000
Lightwave 4000
Millennium 3 C.Guard
Millennium 3 Military
Novigear SL2 Flashlight
Pelican Sabrelite Flashlight
Super Tiger 9-LED Flashlight
Trek 6000 EX60
Aitec "Collimator" torches
Arc AA Flashlight
Arc AAA Std.
ATA Aluminum 4-LED Flashlight
Belt Light
Brinkmann Long Life
Brinkmann Rebel
C.C. Mini Trek
CMG Bonfire Tent Light
CMG Bonfire Blaze Tent Light
CMG Infinity
CMG Infinity Ultra
CMG/Gerber Sonic
Coleman Compact 3-LED Light
Coleman Endurance 6-LED Light
Dorcy 1-LED Flashlight
Dorcy 3-LED Flashlight
Dorcy 4-LED Flashlight
Dorcy Cool Blue #1
Dorcy LS Flashlight
eternaLight Derringer
eternaLight EliteMax
eternaLight Elite X-Ray
eternaLight Rave'n
FL-04 Pocket Flashlight
FlashLED 3 & 6
Flashlight Tuner
Energizer Folding Lant'n
Inova X1 Flashlight
PT Impact
PT Impact II Flashlight
LED-Club Flushlight
LED Lenser V2 Flashlight
LED Torch (ebay)
Lightwave 2000
Lightwave 2100
Lumos LED Flashlight
Mellert MasterLED x4
Mini FlashLED
Mini-Trek Flashlight
MX5S Flashlight
Nightbuster 8X
Nightbuster Ledda
Our Best Aluminum
Peak 1xAAA 1xLED Brass Flashlight
PLW-3 (New style)
PLW-3 (Old style)
Quantum 2000
CMG Reactor
S&W Galaxy
3-LED Saber Flashlight
ShoreLite Vx1 Flashlight
Starlite 128 (Old)
Starlite 213R
Starlite 128R
Squid Light
Streamlight ProPoly 4-AA
Streamlight ClipMate
Teknolite Flashlight w/Trasers
TSI 3-Way LED Torch
TSI Three-Color Sliding Torch
Stylus 3
Trek 1
Trek 2
Trek 4 Ltd. Ed. Alum
Turtlelite 1
Turtlelite 2
UK eLED Flashlight
Unknown brand 3-LED Flashlight
Coast Cutlery V12 Flashlight
ASP Aspen
Countycomm $1 Flashlight
CMG O4 Mini
County Comm Super Tough Light
Princeton Tec Eclipse
Gamma Ray
Jewel Lite LED Flashlight
Knife Lite
Lightwave Pocket Bright
Litepro Kee-Biner
Litepro Quasar
Lithium Micro Light
Mirage Micro Light
Photon 2
Photon 3
Photon Freedom Micro Light
Photon X-Light
Photon Rav'n
PT Pulsar I
PT Pulsar II
Energizer Pocket LED
'Presentation UFO'
Sapphire (Asp)
Swiss+Tech Micro-Light
Tag Light
Toollogic T1 Tech Light
UltraSLIM Disposable
Photon X-Light Rainbow
Small Keychain LED
Aluminum Keychain Flashlight
KeyLED Original
KeyLED New
LED Lenser V1 Moon
LEDSupply Keychain Lantern
NeoGlo Keychain Flashlights
Pelican L1
Photonenpumpe V8
Pocketlite Auto
Toollogic TracLite
AK-38 LED+Laser Light
Arc 4+ Flashlight
Arc-LSHP w/Fraen
Arc LS Premium
Arc LS Prototype
Epoch 4
Beam-Fire Quattro
Fliklite Flashlight
Inova 24/7
Inova X5
LEDXTREME LX-5 Flashlight
LED-Lenser V2 Triplex
Pelican M6 LED Flashlight
S175 Luxeon Flashlight
SureFire KL1 LS Bezel
SureFire KL2 LED Bezel
SureFire KL3 LS Bezel
SureFire KL4 5W LS Bezel
SureFire L1
SureFire L5 Flashlight
TNC Hyper Lux V
TNC Splash Ano Flashlight
Streamlight TL-2 LS Flashlight
Superfire SF-101 Flashlight
Supra Police Flashlight
Acculux Rechargeable
ALX-1213N Rechargeable Luxeon Flashlight
Bulldog LED Flashlight
Coleman Rechargeable 2-LED Light
Free Light
Free Light 2
Micra Lithium
Micro opto e-light
Nightstar II LED Flashlight
PAL Survival
PAL OneStar
Rigel Skylite Flashlight
Solar Rechargeable Flashlight
UView Rechargeable NUV Light
Vector 4 NUV Inspection Light
Vector 7 Rechargeable UV LED Light
385nm 7-LED UV Flashlight
2-in-1 Money Det.
Mini Detector UV
Mini Money Checker
Photon 3 Violet/NUV
UView Phazer Inspection Light
UView Rechargeable NUV Light
UV Starlight
UV 'UFO' type 1
UV 'UFO' type 2
Wilycon UV Keych.
Wilycon UV Pen
AB Moonbeams Nightlight
AB UV Glo Lite Mod
Lambda's Ill Pill mod
Lambda's Hydra
Elektrolumens ElektroBlaster
Fire~Fly Flashlight
Gentle LED Birth Light
Illuminator HD Flashlight
Aragorn's Violet P3 Mod
Ted Bear's 'ArcFinity' Kit
Alaska Illum. Legend Mod
Double Barrel 18
Mini Illuminator Flashlight
Lambda Illuminator (LS)
Long Gun Illuminator (LS Mod)
McLux LED Flashlights
McModule PM6 Mod
Micro Illuminator Flashlight
Milky Candle
Double Barrel LS Mod
Pelican M6 6W NUV Modification
Spider LED Bike Light Mod
SBP (Super Baby Pin)
Positron Laser
Space Needle II
Terra Destroyer
Turbo-Mate Flashlight
Quaggy Light
EverLED Bulb
Ever-Star LED Bulb
Diamond LED Replacement Bulb
InReTECH 2AA kits
InReTECH Mega 6
InReTECH Super 6
InReTECH TriLight
LEDcorp PR bulb
LEDCORP Epieon Bulb
NewBeam Mini-Mag "Bulb"
Night Pearl PR Bulb
Pro Series 3 Bulb
Avalanche 2 Headlamp
Avalanche 6 Headlamp
Black Diamond Gemini
Black Diamond Ion
Black Diamond Moonlight
Dostone 5-LED Headlamp
Energizer LED Essentials headlamp
FrontaLED Trekker
Fusion (LRI)
Lightwave Illuminator.
Novigear HM1 LS Headlamp
Petzl Tikka
Princeton Tec Scout
Responder 4AA Headlamp
Seven $1 Store Flashlights
Bison Sportlight (2-C)
Division 2 Responder
Brinkmann Legend LX
Docter Aspherilux 125
Mag Lite (3-D)
Mag Solitaire Flashlight
Mini Mag (2-AA)
Nordic 3-D
Pelican M6
Princeton Tec Surge
SureFire Executive E2D Defender
S&W Classic Combo
SureFire A2 Aviator
SureFire CPF-50
SureFire E2
SureFire Executive E2D Defender
SureFire M2 Centurion
TigerLight FBOP Flashlight
Trek 200
Trek 6000
Trek Micralite
UKE Mini (2-AAA)
Light Cannon 100 HID
Crate&Barrel Slim Light Rechargeable
1xLED Keychain Flashlight
Peak 1xAA 5xLED Gold Flashlight
Energizer Trim Flex LED
Peak 1xAAA 3xLED HA & Brass Flashlights
OMBU 5W LED Flashlight
Peak 1xCR123A 7xLED Brass Flashlight
"Ceemore" 12-LED Flashlight
Lightwave Infiniton Flashlight
Sharper Image Ear Lite
Eveready 2D Flashlight
"Xnova" 1xAAA 3xLED Flashlight
Guide Gear 12-LED Lantern
Pelican 4300 Nemo 8C Flashlight
SureFire L2 Digital Lumamax
Nitestar 3W Luxeon Flashlight
Vortex TC1 Flashlight
PT Yukon HL Headlamp
SureFire L6 Flashlight
X8 LED Flashlight
6-LED Flashlight/Laser Pointer
Elektrolumens XM-2 Flashlight
McGizmo's PR-917 Bezel
Extended LED Search Stick

You, sir, are my hero!!!:bow::bow::bow::bow:

Alright, my lights:

3 watt LED mini-Mag
Princeton tec Blast (incand.)
River Rock 1/2 watt
2 D Mag Lite, w/Nite-Ize 3 watt LED upgrade (used sporadically, and still on first set of batteries!)
Princeton tec Aurora, Fuel
Petzl E+Lite
Photon Micro light w/CR2032 coin cell
Fenix LD20
Limited Edition Ti Quark AA

Newest Addition:
Milky modded (P4 LED) HDS B42 XR and 17670 battery tube

On the way, soon (I hope):
Zebralight H51 (When, and if they come out with it, and I like it... Hurry up Zebralight!)
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May 6, 2008
This is my current collection
Convoy S3
Convoy L2
Courui D01 (modded with XP-L HI V3-1A)
Foursevens Mini MkII Titanium (with neutral white XM-L2 U3)
Haikelite HT35
JETBeam Jet-III Pro I.B.S. (modded with XR-E Q3-5A)
Klarus Mini One Ti
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0
Maglite MiniMag 2AA green (my very first flashlight)
Maglite 2D black (modded with XHP50.2 J4-5A and 2.8A 'Der Wichtel'-driver, 3 modes, bikelight-mod)
Maglite 2D pewter (modded with XM-L2 T3-7A3 and 2.8A 'Der Wichtel'-driver)
Nitecore EX10 (modded with XR-E Q3-5A, blue trit, clip)
Nitecore NU05
Nitecore NU25
Nitecore VCL10
Reylight Pineapple Mini Titanium (polished with ice-blue trit)
Sunwayman G25C (modded with XM-L2 T6-4C)
Thrunite Archer A1 (modded with XP-L HI U6-5A3)
Thrunite Ti Hi (modded with XP-E2 N4 620nm)

The lights I sold/gave away
Astrolux S41S
Crelant V4A
Fenix E01
Fenix E11
Fenix L1T
Fitorch P20R (modded with XP-L2 V4-3C)
Foursevens Preon ReVO Stainless Steel
Foursevens Quark MiNi 123 warm
JETBeam E10R
Klarus H1A Aluminium
Lumintop EDC05C
Lumintop EDC21
Lumintop Tool Ti (with Nichia 219BT)
Maglite 2C black (modded with XP-E2 4000K at 1.4 A and aspherical lens)
Maglite 2D blue (modded with XR-E R2, aspherical lens and custom stainless steel bezel)
Maglite 3D jade (modded with XP-G R4-5B1)
Maglite 3D silver (hotwire-mod)
Maglite 6D black
Maglite MiniMag 2AA black (with Terralux Q5 dropin)
Nitecore D11
Nitecore D20 (modded with XR-E Q3-5A)
Nitecore EA45S (modded with XP-L HI U6-5A3)
Nitecore EZ 123w
Nitecore EZ CR2w
Nitecore MT10A
Nitecore TINI
Nitecore Tube
Olight i1 EOS Stainless Steel
Olight i3E EOS
Olight S05 Active
Olight S05S Active
Oligth S15
Spark SD52 (modded with XM-L2 3C)
Thrunite TiKey (modded with Cree 5mm WP-tint)
Thrunite Ti5T
Thrunite TN12
Tiablo A10

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Feb 20, 2009
I prefer pictures:


Two things: 1) Do you like the build quality, output, runtime, etc of the "?" Sidewinder, and B), is the Tomahawk worth the price?

Nice collection, man...


Mar 26, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
Two things: 1) Do you like the build quality, output, runtime, etc of the "?" Sidewinder, and B), is the Tomahawk worth the price?

Sidewinder: Quality:fine, output:bad, runtime: ok. The beam quality for the colored leds are very bad.

Tomahawk: I like this light and I believe the price is ok for the light. It is a very solid construction and the ability for low light (red, blue or white) with an easy override to high power white is very nice.

Nice collection, man...



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Mar 10, 2009
I just started this collection.
- olight T15 (2008 version)
- jetpro jet-ii pro

Thinking of getting a P60 host...


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Aug 14, 2008
Los Angeles County CA
Here's my modest "collection"

Energizer 1 W Tactical "Luxeon"
Energizer 1 W Tactical "Cree"
Fenix E01
Fenix L2T (older version)
Inova X5
Mini Maglite AA Incan
Mag Solitaire "Eddie Bauer"
Mag Solitaire Gold color
Mag 3D Incan
Mag 3D LED
Pelican PM6 3330 LED
Pelican Mitylite Incan
Surefire 6P LED
Surefire G2 LED
Surefire L1 Cree
Surefire E2DL

Lighthound Fauxton (car keys)
Photon Micro-Lite II (house keys)


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Feb 24, 2009
Like my sig says:grin2:

Surefire C2 , <--- My WAR light! :)
E1B, <---EDC
L4, <---Newest Fav
Yellow G2,
Black G2,
OD G2 ,
Innova X01,
Streamlight Stylus <---suprisingly handy
2AA Minimag in blue <---pretty color


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Oct 9, 2006
Here we go then, this pics a few months old now, I've got a few more since.


Back row Left to Right:
Mag 2D SSC P4 LED mod
Mag 2D 3 Cree LED mod
Mag 6D
Mag 2D SSC P7 LED mod
3D Copper Welsh miners
Electrolumens 2D Blaster with SSC P4 mod
3D Tin (?) Welsh miners
Mag 2D (the wife’s)
3D Chrome Welsh miners
Middle row Left to Right:
Pifco vintage with P60 LED upgrade mod
Orb fliklite
Pink multi 3mm LED
Red multi 3mm LED
Ultrafire C3
Stainless steel Ultrafire C3
UV multi 3mm LED
2D vintage waiting for mod
2D Chrome Welsh miners
Dora the explorer flashlight (well cool, according to my 6 year old girl)
Front row Left to Right:
Orb raw CR2 with SSC P7 LED mod
Orb raw CR2 (the wife’s)
Fenix L0D (the wife’s)
Stainless steel 1AAA Cree LED from DX
Fenix E01
Fenix L0P with CR2 tube
Cheap Cree LED CR2 from DX
Ultrafire CR123 Cree LED
Ultrafire 606A CR2 Cree LED
Something my wife got from tescos.

A front view of three of my modded mags


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Jan 22, 2009
Albany, Western Australia
Maglite 3D with Led conversion
Maglite Mini AA With niteeze led conversion and tail clicky switch
Maglie Mini AA camo
Maglite Solitaire light blue colour
Ultrafire C1 R2-cw 5 mode VERY BRIGHT
AKOray AA K106 200 lumens VERY BRIGHT
Mighty lite Mini AA
Tank007 AAA TK-702
X-Glow ACL-0012AA AA 80 lumens
Excel AAA (cheapy)
3 x Keychain lights (cheapy)
1 x Headlamp (cheapy)
2 x LightForce 240 Blitz spotlight (for hunting)
1 x PowerBeam spotlight (for hunting)

Regards radar45 :) form Albany , Western Australia


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Apr 7, 2009
2 Carbiner lights
2 Key chain lights, like the photons but cheap
4 Mini-Maglites
1 Rayovac Headlamp

Yea, I know, not much, but its a start. I'm still doing research. I wouldn't want to waste me money on the wrong ones.;)

Out of all the ones listed I only bought one Mini-Maglite and the two key chain lights; The rest where gifts or free.


Dec 4, 2008
Miramar, FL
It's interesting to me, a flashlight newbie, to see how popular
Fenix is.
So far, I only have the TK11 (very nice little light) but I have
the TH40 on pre-order.
So is Fenix and SureFire the most popular?
Is it because of build quality, "bang for the buck", or what?

What do you guys think of Pila?
I have a GL4 550Lm version and I do like the beam it gives me,
but I will never order another "twisty"!
It's hard to twist it to turn it on, need both hands, it's quite if
using tactile, but very inconvenient.

I've got a twisty coming (nitecore EZAA) but aside from that I've got one Gerber. I've read that if a twisty is rough to turn, you should take it apart, even as far as taking the o-ring off, and wipe off any lube there may be (there may not be any if yours is as hard to turn as you say it is), and put some good quality lube on there. I did this with my Nitecore D10's and replaced the factory's blue lube with Radio Shack lube (the type that comes in a syringe-like container). Although it pales in comparison with other, higher-quality lubricants, it's cheap and easy to obtain and will more than likely do the trick. It made both my D10's easily turnable with one hand, if I were to operate it like that (which I don't). The lube I use now is a waxy stuff that you can get in the marketplace. Remember to wipe all previous lube off thoroughly to prevent any kind of interactions. I actually rinse the o-rings too. Then apply with either a very clean finger or some microfiber to avoid contamination by tiny little cotton or wood (paper) fibers from getting in between the threads.

Also, try using your thumb and forefinger to turn the head, not the body. This concentrates the stronger muscles in your hand for turning the smallest/er part of the light.

I know lots of people prefer twisties for their higher reliability since clickies, by definition, will eventually fail due to the nature of the metal that conducts the current being "overdriven" in a sense. :poof: I, like you, prefer clickies. Keeping their limited life in mind, Piston-driven lights (like the Nitecore D10 and EX10, and various PD-McGizmo's) seem like the best option, especially since the D10 and EX10 make it easy to have levels as well as maintaining signaling abilities without having to access a submenu of options.


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Apr 13, 2009

3D Maglights (that refuse to die)
2D craftsman (that also refuse to die)
various 2ds
various fluorescent lanterns
trade show keychain leds
various booklights
usb powered lava lamp ( honorary )
junkbox of the dead
sf 8x
inova x5
fenix p1d
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Aug 13, 2007
2 Surefire E2e (bought one, other was a gift; both with LF HO module)
2 Fenix TK10s (one black, one natural)
2 Fenix L1T V2 (bought one, the other is the leatherman lgx200 (part of a bundle)
Fenix PD20 (and also have LD20 body and tailcap with battery cover)
Fenix L1D
Fenix P1
Fenix L1t (the light that started my addiction)
Fenix E01
Inova X0 and X1 (unfortunately lost somewhere in the house)
Jetbeam III Military R2 with the aggressive bezel
Energizer Cree AA
Streamlight Microstream
Streamlight Stylus Pro
2 Arc AAA-p
2 Husky 2D (one for the car, one for the house)
Streamlight 2X123 Twin Task (burnt out bulb)
Mag 3D with Mag led upgrade
Mag 4D with Malkoff drop-in
Mag 2AA with Opalec drop-in
Rayovac 2C Cree
Handful of coin cell leds from inova and the freebies from vendors

2 Petzl e+lite (one for the BOB, one for general use)
3 Rayovac Sportsman Extreme 1AA headlamp (one for each car, and one for the house)
River Rock 2X123 Cree (with diffuser to act as a lantern)

Rayovac 3D 300 lumen
River Rock 3AA
Cheap $5 walmart one (which actually gets the most usage)
A couple diffusers for the Fenix lights.

Lately I've been enjoying the cheaper ones from DX and Shiningbeam. I wish I had tried them out sooner. They include:
Romisen RC-G2 (black)
Romisen RC-G2 Q5 (gray)
Romisen RC-N3 Q5 (gray)
MTE C2-1
x2000 1x123

Akoray k-106 (the 3 user settable mode version)
Solarforce L2 with R2 5 mode (gray)


Mar 10, 2009
My always growing list as of 4/24/09:

  1. 2D Mag623 (my sleeper light, just built as of 4/22)
  2. 2D (6AA's) Mag P7 driven with Der Wichtel's Buck Converter
  3. DX Spear Clone (Pretty damn good for the money IMHO)
  4. Spartanian II (2nd high end light)
  5. Lummi Raw NS 200/20 (first high-end post CPF light)
  6. Solarforce L2-R2M (great light for the $$)
  7. RiverRock Nightfire 2C (owned before I learned of CPF)
  8. RiverRock Nightfire 2AA focusable beam (owned before I learned of CPF)
  9. Minimag 2AA (came with my 2D Mag that later became my Mag623)
  10. Dorcy 3AAA LED beater light (always in the glove box, needs to be modded!)
  11. Fistful of LED keychain lights from Lighthound and Batteryjunction from all my orders. :p
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Jan 29, 2009
voerde, germany
my list upto know

4d maglite Triple P7 red (wichtel mod thx for this )
2d maglite single P7 malkoff dropin (dark green)
2d maglite terralux dropin with dimm function (silver)
2d maglite rop (titan)
6d maglite with lxeon led and aspheric lens and pepperspray adapt and tonfa grip (black)
Led Lenser X21
Led Lenser p7
Led Lenser p2
Led Lenser police tac
Led Lenser Hokus Fokus
Romisen rct5
Romisen rct6
Romisen Cree RC-I3 LED
Tiablo a9 with aspheric lens
Olight m20 warrior
Solarforce L900
Solarforce L2m mini
Solarforce L2 with latern head
Ultrafire wf1000L
Fenix l2d
Jetbeam e3p
Trustfire ssc p7
Ultrafire c3
what will come next is
1c chrome mag with mce
1d lime green mag with p7
fenix tk40
olight m30
eagle tac m2x

hope u enjoy my little list
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Apr 12, 2009
  • Tiablo A9
  • Fenix P3D
  • Fenix T1
  • Fenix L0D
  • Nitecore Ex10
  • Coleman XTreme Cree
  • Zebralight H50
  • Maglight 3D with 3Watt Dropin
  • Surefire C2 w/Malkoff M60
  • Surefire 6P LED
  • Eagletac M2 Warm
  • Legion II
  • Black Diamond Apollo
  • Princeton Tec Apex Pro