Lithiums in the Walmart Brinkman (possible?)

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Can anyone tell me if I can put two (2) Lithium AA batteries in the Walmart Brinkman light?

If yes, will this give me:

1) More light output.
2) Longer shelf life.



I smoked a Brinkman not long ago as a favor
to fellow LEDITES . There is little brightness change from 2 volts on up and
at 3.6 volts or so the current was way high
with little or no brightness gain . Your
best reason for Lithiums will be longer life
and better cold weather brightness , also
shelf life . The regulator-driver circuit
in the light works at as little as 1.1 volts (dim)
and pretty much normal brightness above 1.7
volts .


Thanks Carl,
I just bought to AA Energizer Lithiums for the Brinkman. Now, at least I know if I leave the light in the glove box, the cold won't affect it. I definitely needed the loger shelf life.

I get so tired of taking a light out and it's totally drained.