Logan QTC 17500 Adapter

Curt R

Mar 22, 2009
We shipped 30 each of the 17500 battery spacers to RMSK and BOB
should have them by Monday the 17th or the 18th of October. He is
also getting 34 of the new Hi-Current Vesuvius lights in the same shipment.


Beacon of Light

Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 9, 2005
Got my new Logan 17500 QTC in SS today with the battery adapters. I just have to say Curt is a genius and his work is meticulous and a work of art the way the adapters work. I have bought generic type battery adapters before and they always seemed chintzy and still had an annoying rattle. Curt's design are a perfect fit and it appears they will last a lifetime! This is one of the most versatile lights with all the battery configurations, bar none! I tried every type except the 17500 since I don't own that type yet. And they all worked great (AA/AAA/CR123)! I was getting impatient for these and I will say they are definitely worth the wait! Order them now!
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