Look carefully at CREE


Mar 11, 2006
Yesterday I spent a few hours looking at what's new in the market in Hong Kong.

Cree is no doubt becoming popular. This is quite natural as they normally outperform Luxeons. But, interestingly, I found many Chinese makes using Cree LEDs. Some are finished very well. But some are hopeless. I nearly ended with with cuts and scratches handling some of them. Even one UltraFire model had a rough finish. So, for fellow CPF members who are used to buying lights by mail order, beware of what you are getting. Don't just go for something just because you see "CREE" sticking out. Make sure that you bought from some reputable places which will accept returns. Best to buy from shops in person so you can get a feel of what you are paying for.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 31, 2002
well, usually one can say this just by looking at the pics.
Example: bought 2 different lights from dealextreme. Both to be used for hosts w. Cree / driver / 18650. Chosen from "small" and "possibility to be large enough for an 18650".
The one that is an Xenon for 18650 looked a lot better finish, than the 2 pc. CR123 light.

Got the lights: as estimated from the pics, the 1st one is quite better in machining (except for the tailcap treads), the latter one has some edges and the Cap was this aggressive, it bite into the o-ring (sanded away --> gone).

Both are an exceptional value for the money and I am very happy AND do not feel cheated