Looking for a good light to take the dogs outside at night



I've been trying to find the right flashlight for me and my wife to take our dogs out in the backyard. We live in the city, but the streetlights aren't bright enough to light up all of our yard, and sometimes they don't feel like turning on. We have 2 Yorkies, and we have a cheap LED flashlight. The problem is, it's been dropped so many times it's falling apart, plus it's bad quality (there's hardly any flood and the little it has shows black rings all over the place).

At first I was thinking of going with the Fenix LD20, but I'm worried that the hotspot will be too bright if I shine it at my dogs. I know you can adjust the brightness, but at low settings it seems like there isn't much flood. My main concern is if they are looking at me, I don't want the light to be so bright that it blinds them (I've looked into some of the LED lights and got immediately disoriented!) I'm also looking for a light that uses AA or AAA batteries since I recently invested in a lot of duraloops with the mh-c9000 charger, which I want to thank this forum for helping me decide on purchasing :)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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