Looking for a single AA LED light with specific specs


Newly Enlightened
Oct 6, 2010
First, my apologies if anyone has asked for this specific combination of specs in another thread. I searched, and didn't find anything quite like what I was looking for.

I am looking for recommendations of a flashlight with certain characteristics:

----- ESSENTIAL -----

Single AA cell (absolutely must be a single AA; already have single and dual 123A lights, dislike AAAs strongly, 2 x AA is too long, and zero interest in Li-ion or Li-poly for this light)

Must be able to handle alkaline, NiMH, and lithium primary cells (any AA in other words)

Must be reverse polarity protected (in case someone else puts the cell in backwards ;) )

Must be ruggedly built (aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, etc.; not plastic)

Must be of very high build quality (i.e. comparable to SF E1B)

Must be very reliable (no failing solder joints from a few drops, no unreliable switches, etc.)

Must at least be water resistant (preferably waterproof)

Must be relatively small (size similar to CMG Infinity Ultra; no larger than SF E1B)

Must have multiple modes; minimum of two, preferably more (ideally including 100+ lumens high, and a very low mode for long life, preferably 50+ hours)

Output must be stable (no erratic flashes, blinks, brightness changes, etc.; smooth or step drop with battery depletion is OK)

PWM frequency must be high enough to be invisible (I can detect LEDs which are pulsed at upwards of 1 kHz under the right conditions)


Strobe, SOS, etc. would be nice, but not essential

Programmability would be nice, but not essential

Strange UI or difficult programming is not necessarily a deal-breaker, if it meets other requirements

Price is not the deciding factor (unless its ridiculous, like $200 or so)

Preferably US made

Tint is not critical (multiple colors could be useful, but not essential)

Beam would preferably be a good compromise between throw and flood, but either extreme could be acceptable (optic or reflector is OK; either way, a rugged scratchproof lens would be ideal)

Should have a solid tether point to be attached to a keyring (with a lanyard is fine, as I did for years with Infinity Ultra)

Finish can be knurled or smooth, but should be tough enough not to scratch from pocket carry with keys, etc.

Preferably black, but not essential

No specific need for interchangeable parts or accessories (diffusers, color lenses, etc.), though OK if available

Pocket/visor clip not important

Preferably a stock model, though a custom model would be OK as long as it is actually available and doesn't take too long to obtain

Not sure how realistic these specs are, but if anyone would know, it would be CPF members! Thanks!