Looking for light with backup power pack


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Nov 14, 2002
Lexington, SC
Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you could think of a product similar to what Im about to describe(if not, I would like to seek knowledge on how to make one):

Im looking for a flashlight, small to midsized(maybe 5"-8") that has a backup battery supply. For example 2-3 6 volt batteries in a nylon casing that could be carried like a backpack or on the waste or over the shoulder for that matter.
Now Im looking for something in the brightness range of a Tec 40(w/krp103) or better if possible.Preferably faceted reflector. My goal is to have a compact light that could be strapped to my arm/wrist and could last for a good long while at near-full to full brightness(8 hour range).

Backpack-powered Flashlight would be a good 2(3) word description.


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Jan 23, 2003
nw angle minnesota
i got a 12 volt power supply from "batteries plus"
which came with a nylon shoulder-type carry bag, a 17amp-hour sealed battery connected to a cigarette light style outlet serving as a power port, and a small ac battery charger. i don't recall if larger batteries were available but i know smaller (in amp hr capacity) ones were.

i use mine in the bush as a back up for the cell phone and vhf radio transceiver.

batteries plus might be able to come up with the same kind of apparatus in other voltage such as
6vdc or 9vdc.

that at least would take care of the auxillary power for you