looking for replacement driver board 7.2v 10w for Exposure Enduro Turbo



Hi. Apologies if this is too noobish!

I'm looking for a replacement driver board for an Exposure Enduro Turbo bike light. The old one got water damage, and some legs of one of the IC's fell off! Exposure won't sell me a replacement :(

From what I can determine, here's the required spec:

- The light has 2 x 5W Luxeon SLEDs. These are connected in parallel.

- It's an endurance light, so needs multiple brightness modes.

- The battery is a 4-cell li-ion pack giving 7.4v and 4.3Ah.

- The existing driver board is 40mm across, and about 9mm high.

- The existing driver board has inbound connections for the charger, so I guess it has some kind of charging control built in.

Pic of existing driver board:


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.