looking for specific custom light


Feb 15, 2007
let me tell you about my favorite flashlight and you guys point me in the right direction to get something similiar.
its a custom a friend i met on here made me, a 4d maglite modded with three crees up front in shark optics. optics give more flood, less throw right. well even without the focus on the throw it gives a wall of light that is all i ever need walking the dogs, and believe me i like a good light. i have one of the much coveted 7 cree 1160 lumen 3d lights from electrolumens (i think that's who made it-it's been a while since i've been active here)

anyways, i'd love another. does anyone make modded mags with multiple cree. i'd love to have a four cree on reflectors but four cree on optics (do they even make that) would be fine too.

help me find what i'm looking for, and as close to $100 as you can keep me. .