Looking to buy a LED light for outdoors use.....Help!!

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Hey all, i am looking to buy a LED flashlight for outdoors use. I want it mainly for Hiking at night (I know that LEDs do not produce much light, but in near pitch black woods, a LED light will light the trail just enough) Essentially, i want a LED light that has to:
*be bright enough to see the ground atleast ten feet in front of my in pitch black conditions
*the right color??? to use at night to see the ground...white?
*not too expensive (not over $50)
Thanks for any and all help !!!!


Aug 6, 2000
Green Bay, WI USA
I would suggest either a CCrane Trek (aka PLW-3 or Pilot 3). It is completely waterproof and has a wide beam of light. The other option would be the Lightwave 2000, which is waterproof to 2 feet. The Lightwave has a narrower beam of light, similar to a standard flashlight only much much smoother, while the PLW-2 has a much wider beam. Both lights use 3 AA and are very close in size. The PLW-3 also has a clear bezel that allows light to spill to the side, while the Lightwave doesn't allow light to spill to the sides. The Lightwave appears brighter since its light is more narrowly focused.

I have some more info on my site.

Brock - http://www.uwgb.edu/nevermab/led.htm