Loongsun LX-9012 + XM-L = Monster thrower (now with lux readings)


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Jan 21, 2009
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It seems like this post went lost in the CPF disaster, but I got it back from Google' s cache so I'm posting it again. I also added lux readings as I got my digital light meter in the meanwhile


I had a Loongsun LX-9012 sitting unused in my drawer and decided to mod it with an XM-L T6.

This flashlight is VERY well made. Sturdy, with very good heatsinking, a forward switch, excellent threading and many other features that make it on par with more expensive flashlights.

The LX-9012 was clearly designed for throw because of its very deep SMO reflector, but the SST-50 was somehow disappointing on the matter. First of all, although being driven at 5a, it was not as bright as I expected. Furthermore, although being indeed a good thrower, it was not much better than much smaller flashlights, such as a friend’s Maelstrom, which is also much lighter and runs for longer. In few words, this flashlight was cool but definitely not very useful.

Well, swapping the emitter with an XM-L definitely changes the cards on the table. I don’t have the Maelstrom for the comparison, but I’m sure that it’s no longer a match. In fact I can now easily light buildings at 300 meters from my home, whereas neither the SST-50 version nor the maelstrom were up to the task before. Also the lx-9012 is now my brightest flashlight, whereas with the SST-50 it was easily beaten by my 5xR2 drop-in (each emitter driven at 0.65A).

The mod is very easy as the SST-50 is on a 2mm star and the flashlight has a very simple centering mechanism, so it’s really just an easy replacement. You don’t even need to glue the star, because the reflector/insulator disc/pill module is designed in a way that screwing the reflector firmly presses the star on the pill. You just need to add artic silver and you’re done. Definitely a host designed for modders!

Here is the flashlight after the mod:




Amp reading at the tailcap with 2 freshly charged 18650 for the 5 non-strobe modes are:

Mode1: 2.75a
Mode2: 2.25a
Mode3: 1.55a
Mode4: 0.95a
Mode5: 0.35a

The first mode sends approx. 5A at the led, while the second mode delivers approx 4A. There seems to be no visible difference between the first 2 modes, but the lux readings tell another story. the difference between second and third mode is quite consistent, the latter driving the led at something less than 3A.

The only light I have for beamshots comparison right now is a P60 drop in with a Q5, driven at 0.7a. I understand that this is like comparing the sun with a matchstick but I wanted to post some beamshots. I’ll update the post with some more fair comparisons when I get my camera back.

Loongsun vs P60:


2 stops underexposed:


Lux readings at 1m

Mode 1: 61000 lux
Mode 2: 52000 lux
Mode 3: 37000 lux
Mode 4: 25000 lux
Mode 5: 8500 lux

I could not believe these readings the moment I got them, and I thought that my cheap lux meter was not trustworthy. But testing other flashlights seems to return results consistent with what other CPFers get (my quark 123 r2 reads ~4000 lux, Eagletac t20c2 mk2 r5 reads ~8000 lux) so I guess thay are correct!


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Mar 17, 2011
May I resurrect this thread since I've been trying to read up on a re-brand, On The Road X-series. They look beautiful and heatsinking looks great. Here are the models:

Sales Links Removed Rule #6 - Norm

Note: Pics for the X5 are actually the X6 except for the first pic at the top. The gunmetal paint looks fantastic. I just wish we had more exposure of these torches. So can I expect the X5 to perform similarly to your X6 mod? Based on charts that show XM-L plateauing around 3mah (maybe slightly more), I'm guessing the extra boost from the X6 (LX-9012) won't be aiding it as much compared to the SST-50, which can be driven harder. The reason I ask is because the X5 can be had for much less: $49 vs $69 or $85, which is what the X3 and X6 run for on CN.
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Mar 17, 2011
I just want to follow up saying I'm not trying to advertise any particular product. I was just trying to provide the information and all I can find for said product is a sales link. Anyway, the model is On The Road X5, a re-brand of the Loongsun. It's equipped with an XM-L emitter driven at 2.5a, taking 2x18650. It doesn't have the heatsinking of the X6, but then it's using a much more efficient emitter. I'm just curious if that will produce similar results as the OP got. I understand his is being driven harder but it seems to be more widely known that XM-L eventually plateaus at just above 3.0a, so the 4.0+ from the X6 isn't necessary. Any thoughts?