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Sold/Expired Lot of bare Cree XM-L LED's (90 psc)


Newly Enlightened
May 10, 2008
This is very disappointing for me, but for sale I have a whole bunch of bare Cree XM-L LED's. I would like to sell them as one lot of 90pcs.

The bin number of the LED's is T6 and the tint is 1A.

I bought them for a flood light project me and an engineer friend of mine were going to design and build. But again, thanks to a severe shoulder injury that requires arthroscopic surgery, I have to scrap the project. I have already sold a custom head, and I was so excited about this project that it kills me to sell.

For the lot I paid close to $900.00 US and would like to sell them for $765.00 US, which makes the cost per led $8.50. The price includes express shipping.

Any questions, please don't be afraid to PM me.

Thanks for looking.