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Apr 10, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Hey - I'm gonna try this once more.

Years ago I bought a used Wolf Eyes BOXER 10W/24W HID light. It uses a huge cylindrical battery pack that forms (well...is) the outer barrel of the light. The tail cap incorporates a ring of LED"s on the end for battery level...moonlight and more. I have a feeling that the light was really not that amazing when it was first born (which was probably around 2003 or so) and by the time I bought it, the battery was likely half-pooched. In any case, at this point it will only run for about 45 seconds after charging overnight.

I have done a great deal of research and sent many e-mails about sourcing a replacement or rebuilding my battery pack. There was actually a fellow here on CPF years ago that opened up his pack with the intention of rebuilding it...but he aborted the attempt due to the temp issues associated with soldering. I think. It didn't seem to turn out that great, anyway.

Regardless - even though it may be a lost cause - I am reluctant to simply throw the light away, because it represents a pretty good chunk of change. I can't help but think that someone who knows what he's doing could very likely rebuild the pack in under an hour!

That person is not me. I could probably open it up alright...but the selection & soldering of the cells is above my pay grade. Is there someone here who would take a shot at it? I'm certainly in no rush; the light has been sitting in a box for two years since I last fiddled with it. And naturally I am willing to mail it to the lucky(?) contributor!

** I would also entertain opinions regarding the feasibility of this venture. It's pretty old technology, and may simply not be worth spending $22 or $55 on rebuilding. Not sure.

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